Create a symphony of style and fashion with hats by using these tips to create great looks

Article about Create a symphony of style and fashion with hats by using these tips to create great looks

Nov 25, 2021

Since the end of World War II, the culture of wearing hats in civic life started declining. Hat wearing is no more a tradition observed for centuries across various cultures. Hats are optional from the social perspective but a must-have for the fashion-conscious population who use the appeal and attraction of hats to make a style statement that holds good for both men and women. While men might have a fascination for Fedora hats and Trilbys to create the classic looks, women would like to experiment with women's western hats that are fast-growing in popularity. Besides these, many other hats are equally fashionable, but the choice varies according to individuals' dressing and styling sense and fashion goals. After all, styles are highly personal whether you go with the current fashion trends or recreate the vintage looks.

However, over the past 15 years, there has been a change in the attitude, and hats are once again back in favor, especially for meeting the fashion needs of men and women. More and More modern men are interested in rediscovering the virtues of the classic hats dominated by the Fedoras and the Trilbys close behind.

Wearing a hat for the first time can make you nervous and worried about looking silly in the headgear and can dent your confidence as you think that the hat would perhaps make you look out of place. Take heart to the fact that it is difficult to overcome the anxiety and worries, provided you follow the tips about wearing hats perfectly as discussed here. Remember that the tips are about wearing the classic hats and not the beanies, baseball caps, or Dad hats, and it applies to both men and women.

Ensure that the hat style complements your face

 Even your most preferred hat style will have a lot of variations in sizes and shapes, so you must not only choose the hat style but also pay attention to the finer aspects of shape and size to create harmony with the natural proportions of your body. As hats sit just above your face, they will naturally draw all attraction at once. Therefore, the hat style, size, and shape must perfectly complement your face and even accentuate the facial features.  Knowing your hat size is critical because it affects the fit and ensures comfort, especially for stiff hats like the straw boater, bowler, or homburg. Softer hats like fedoras and flat caps are stretchable and help adjust the fit even if the size is not appropriate.

The hat color must complement the skin tone

When choosing the color of hats, ensure that it goes well with the skin tone and creates the right balance. As the hat sits closest to your face, this aspect becomes important as people form impressions based on the first look.  Those with lighter or pale skin tones would find darker colors like medium gray and charcoal, navy blue, and shades of medium brown to dark brown most compatible. The contrast created by the hat color and skin tone will bring warmth and looks dignified. For more adventurous styling, you can choose dark green or burgundy.

Hat colors and the outfit must be harmonious

Color matching of the hat does not stop by matching it with the skin tone only because the color of the outfit is another factor that must create harmony with the rest of the colors. For example, if blues and browns are the dominating colors of the outfit, a brown hat would be perfect, but a blue hat might seem somewhat daring. The hat color must play second fiddle to the color of the outfit because a hat that looks too bright might upset the balance of the attire. Brown or gray hats usually go well with blue outfits depending on the type and colors of the accessories.  The combination of brown leather and brown hat and black leather and gray hat can create the proper effects.

Consider the weather

Hats are not only stylish fashion accessories but are highly functional and provide protection against the weather.  In summer, wearing straw Fedoras or Panama hats with wide brims helps prevent the sun rays from falling directly on the face and keep the eyes relaxed. Hats offer protection from the rain, too, when you forget to carry an umbrella when venturing outdoors, and in winter, they can stave off the snowy flakes too. Whether it is straw or wool, the hat material helps regulate the body temperature and keep the head warm or cool according to the season.

Be mindful about the dress code

Generally, stiffer hats are part of the formal wear, and if you choose any hat from this range like top hats, Fedoras, or Trilbys, you should ensure that you follow the formal dress codes. A homburg worn with stroller suits and black tie is the perfect example of matching the dress code with the hat.

Remember to take off your hat in private spaces to keep up with the hat etiquette.



Articles authored by Alexander Fernandise