CryptoKitties Clone Script

Article about CryptoKitties Clone Script

Aug 10, 2021

CryptoKitties Clone Script

Cryptokitties Clone Script is an Ethereum Blockchain-powered NFT Gaming Script to create DApp games like Cryptokitties. Customizable avatars to create unique appealing creatures for your game. CryptoKitties Clone Script has set a benchmark in the NFT gaming platform by becoming the current trend in the Cryptocurrency market.

CryptoKitties was one of the first games on Blockchain Technology. CryptoKitties offers the same operations and makes things like Bitcoin even being a non-digital currency. CryptoKitties Clone Script is the complete source code that replicates CryptoKitties providing the addition of comprehensive customizations to match the requirements stated on the concept.

Features of CryptoKitties Clone Script

The features of CryptoKitties promises to provide a complete enhancement for each users part through several main accessible features;

Build Yours: Customizable avatars to create your own unique appealing creatures for your game. You can sell your crypto creatures by listing it on the marketplace where the buyer can easily access and purchase it.

Secure by Contract: As your Crypto-kitties are built on Ethereum Blockchain ERC721, with the use of the smart contract module you can safeguard your asset or the digital collectible creatures.

Minty-Kitty: The participants are allowed to create their own creatures and can breed them on the Cat Community by minting.

Timely-Sale: Clock Auction mode is integrated for the correct flow of sales which helps in generating revenues by adjusting the highest opening and closing with the lowest bid.

Feed by Breed: You can breed your cat couple and create unique offspring and feed your collectibles through buying and selling.

Dashboard: An Admin dashboard is provided to enable you to watch the data and the real-time analytics in analyzing the trade. It can also give you the transaction information and the commissions you received at the time of buying and selling.

Game Guide: A proper Whitepaper will be created by us to show about your game to educate the users about its features behind it.

Highlights of CryptoKitties Clone Script

Non-fungible Token ERC721

Over 4 Billion variations of Pheno and Genotypes.

Breed a new Offspring by two CryptoKitties.

Easy fueling of Transactions including purchasing and breeding.

Ownership tracked through Smart Contracts.

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