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Oct 7, 2021

Security Tokenizer, as leading NFT Development Company offers you the effective CryptoPunks Clone Script to build an NFT Marketplace of your own to trade Non-Fungible Tokens or Digital Collectibles like CryptoPunks. This script is a fully ready-made NFT Marketplace Script specially coded and deployed on top of the ethereum blockchain network and can be customized further based on the requirements. At Security Tokenizer, we bring you the premium and Whitelabel crypto punks clone script inbuilt with 10,000 unique digital collectibles.


Our CryptoPunks Clone Script Unique Features


Below mentioned are some of the unique features of our CryptoPunks Clone Script.

Store Front - It helps you store several information such as the owner’s data, price history, bidding information etc.

Token Search - Our advanced token search feature will help the user access their desired token instantly.

Advanced Listings - The marketplace built with our clone script will offer your users an easy listing facility where any token that is being sold can be listed without any obstacles.

Listing Status - It lets you and your users know about the data of the number of views and bidding has been made on a specific CryptoPunk clone that has been listed for auction.

Wallet Setup - We also offer a highly-secured wallet solutions like MetaMask, where your users can store their NFTs and other assets without any risks of being stolen.

Easy Bidding - With our CryptoPunks clone script, we make bidding easy for every user by offering several flexible options in pricing, bidding eligibility etc.

Narrow Marketplace - Specially made for one particular Use case. (i.e) the marketplace will accept to trade one particular genre of collectibles.

Programmed With Solidity - Our Clone script is developed with a strong reliable architecture that enables several complex automated functions.

Traceablity - The users can trace the whereabouts of any punks that has been listed and sold within the marketplace.

Ratings - With our rating dashboard, users can view the feedback given to a specific seller and can make an informed decision about the listing's credibility.


With all the features mentioned above, our CryptoPunks Clone Script can help you reel-in a huge number of users to the platform thus yielding a hefty revenue for you. Get in touch with us to launch your own NFT trading platform.

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