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Jul 6, 2021

Quality packaging will help you become an unboxing hero even if it’s not about popular bloggers. After all, everyone on social networks, especially on Instagram, loves to share cute and beautiful photos of recent purchases. The nicer the packaging, the higher the chance is that it will be shared with subscribers. Both the buyer is pleased, and for you free advertising.

The chances of getting on social media are higher if you add neatly laid out printed materials to the box: instructions, a thank you with a personal appeal, or even a short history of your company. For the buyer, this will be a pleasant moment, and people are used to sharing pleasant moments. For Custom  packaging this is essential now.

Add Value with Gift Wrapping

Shoppers are willing to put up with mediocre packaging when shopping for them. But when it comes to a gift, they will think twice about ordering a carelessly wrapped product. After all, packaging is exactly what creates a feeling of celebration and anticipation of a gift.

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