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Jul 24, 2021

Every WordPress site requires a theme to show content from the database in a graphical format. In theory, you might run a website only on the basis of a theme. However, without the installation of plugins, that site would be severely constrained.

Plugins extend the functionality of your WordPress site beyond what is provided by the WordPress core. Plugins can be used to add anything to your site, from a booking calendar to an animated slider to a full-featured learning management system or an online marketplace.

However, you may need to write your own plugin on sometimes! This is more efficient than utilizing a third-party plugin because you may just require a portion of the code provided. It also means you can create a plugin that is more tailored to your needs, or customize an existing plugin to make it work for your site.

What Are the Requirements for Creating a Plugin?

Youll need the following items to create your own plugin and run it on your WordPress site:

a code editor a development environment Installation of WordPress with a test copy of your live site

Dont use your live site to test your plugin until youre sure it works!

Types of WordPress Plugin:

Plugins can perform a wide range of tasks. They all have one thing in common: they enhance the functioning of your website. The following are examples of WordPress plugins:

site maintenance plugins:Security, performance, and backups are just a few examples.

marketing and sales plugins:SEO, social media, and eCommerce are just a few examples.

content plugins: Custom post kinds, widgets, shortcodes, forms, galleries, and video streams are just a few examples.

API plugins:that use the WordPress REST API or pull data from external sources such as Google Maps

community plugins:that add social networking features

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