Did you know! On- page SEO Can get you to the top

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Oct 29, 2021

Did you  know that you can get a high ranking position only with an SEO on-page optimization. Yes, It is possible There are many onpage factors which helps to rank the website on the google search results which results in increased traffic and leads. For a digital marketer these things are the must to keep in mind otherwise It won’t be possible  for your site to get any traffic or brandawareness from the google.

1.  Content: It play major role in SEO to boos your ranking signal.

2.  Keyword analysis: Analysis your keywords before start the adding your targeted keywords on the site because it also play major role to improve ranking on the site.

3.  Start title tag with your keywords: Meta title is the most important part of the onpage SEO. It helps to increase ranking for the site and also helps to increase CTR with the help of search engine.

4.  Meta Description: It summarizes a page's content. It is not ranking factor but it helps to increase CTR.

5. Leverage SEO friendly Url

6.  you can add keywords in your landing page url

7.  Add modifier to your title: add modifier such as Guide, 7, review which helps to increase rank for your website.

8.  Dazzel with Multimedia: Use infographic images to reduce bounce rate.

9.  Add H1 Tag: you can add h1 tag in your targeted keywords.

10.                   Drop your keywords in first 100 to 150 words.

11.                   Responsive design

12.                   Use outbound links: It should be related to the page is relavancy signal that helps figure out your pages's topic.

13.                   Internal Links: Try to add 2-3 internal Link to every post.

14.                   Boost Site speed: Try to boost your site speed by using CDN.

15.                   Use LSI keywords

16.                   Image Optimization(Alt Tags)- Make sure image file name include your targeted keywords.

17.                   Use Social sharing Buttons

18.                   Post Long Content-

19.                   Internal Links

20.                   BrokenLink

21.                   404 page

22.                   IP Canonicalization

23.                   URL Canonicalization and many more.

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