Different Kinds of Bakery Boxes

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Sep 22, 2021

A bakery's dream is to have its bakery boxes displayed for customers to see. I know many bakers who pride themselves on having beautiful bakery boxes and want to give them away as gifts on special occasions. But what if you don't have your own bakery or aren't able to display them? Well, there are ways that you can display bakery boxes for your customers! And I've outlined 3 of the more popular ways to do so below.

Without windows: Many of my friends love their cakes, and often, their bakery boxes, but they just want them to be hidden away from view. This can easily be done without the windows being visible and so much easier than trying to hide a real box behind the cupcake tin. Try using a clear, frosted plastic box that has a single or double color scheme. That way, your cake will be covered, and the colors will stand out, but not be overly obvious. These are great for cakes with lots of pink or chocolate brown.

Without windows: If your cupcakes aren't edible, then no one would know about them anyway. How would they know there were cakes without baked goods inside? If you're selling cupcakes, this one isn't very practical, but if you're baking cakes, then it's definitely a good idea. Just remember that sometimes you need to frost the cakes before putting them in the oven, and so some frosting may be necessary. For these, skip the windows and use cute decorated wooden or plastic boxes instead.

Plain white boxes: Most people love the simple, plain white bakery boxes. This is actually one of the favorites because it doesn't say much other than there's a cake in it. It's classic and very elegant. However, if you have a very specific design in mind, go for a plain white box to match it instead. You can always decorate it according to your design ideas and then see how it looks.

Sheet cake boxes: These are another bakery favorite. They look like big sheets of cake, but without the top layer. They fit inside regular white bakery boxes and can easily be used over again. They come in all kinds of designs, and they work perfectly for any type of cake.

Baked goods bags: This is one of my favorites as well. There are so many different types of bakery boxes on the market that you can get overwhelmed trying to choose just one or two. If you're only baking one kind of cake, then you can just get a few bags and stack them on top of each other for an organization or so you can keep things neat and organized. If you have a lot of baked goods to put into your bakery, then this is probably a good choice for you, otherwise, stick with white bakery boxes.

Cupcake boxes: These are almost like sheet cakes but instead of coming in boxes made of cardboard, they come in cupcake boxes. They usually have a flat bottom and they are just long enough so that you can put the pieces of cake inside while the bottom is barely even. They come in all sorts of designs and colors, but I suggest sticking with white. Another great thing about these bakery boxes is the fact that they fit inside other bakery boxes so you can easily organize things. With cupcake boxes, it's important that you stack them well so that you won't have a bunch of crumpled cupcakes.

These are some of the most popular bakery boxes out there. However, you can also find specialty boxes made just for cupcakes. Some of these include ones made of clear plastic and frosted glass. Other kinds of bakery boxes include colorful boxes, plain white boxes, frosted cellophane boxes, and frosted cellophane bags. As you can see, there is a box that will fit perfectly with whatever it is you're baking.

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