Different Types of Web Application - A Short Hand Guide.

Article about Different Types of Web Application - A Short Hand Guide.

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Jun 8, 2021

Before you go for web application development, you should be familiar with its different categories. We are going to explain here the different categories of web applications. Take a look.


It’s one of the types of web applications, which are basically HTML documents. These documents are generally present on the webserver. One needs to update its pages manually leveraging those of specialized tools. These web apps are simple, static, and also highly stable. Besides, it also takes lesser time to respond.


It’s another web application that one can use as group apps that focus mainly on group communication. This app facilitates users to share information with the editing options. Wikipedia is a good example of the same.


It’s another category of a web application that includes the feature of modification by users. The app is popular for having great support and interactive. It can handle the data system with quiet efficiency.


This category of the web app can easily handle the entire workflow among those of private authorities, companies, or public authorities. In this, web services are included for interoperability.


These types of web apps are highly important and offered HTML, CGI forms. It comes with forms, a radio button, a selection menu, etc. These apps are simple and quick.


As the name suggests, this category of web application provides knowledge for both machines and humans. Semantic technologies are used for managing knowledge.


It’s another important category of a web application that includes a single access point with the main purpose of separate different services and information. You can go through various community portals, search engines, etc.