Duties and Activities of A Legal Manager

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Nov 22, 2021

Amiel Gross serves as the Head of Legal at the Center for Breakthrough Medicines for Philadelphia. He shares some of the main functions of the legal manager in today's companies are the following: Ensure compliance with national laws according to the country where the company operates and with the laws related to technological law if the organization has an online presence. Advise managers and other managers to make commercial and business strategies aligned with legal foundations. Design the necessary methods to protect the interests and assets of the company in the face of customers, competitors, the market and the environment in general. Lead strategic negotiations regarding mergers and acquisitions, or commercial alliances with partners, suppliers and other high-value players. Identify the weak points of the organization from all possible points of view that could generate some type of legal consequence. For example, lawsuits for misleading advertising or mismanagement of personal data online. Guide the good management of relationships with employees and between employees, ensuring that these are always attached to the legal framework. Build and promote an internal legal operation so efficient that it can become a differential value in the face of the competition.

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