DxSale Clone Script - Create Token Sale Platform with Security Tokenizer

Article about DxSale Clone Script - Create Token Sale Platform with Security Tokenizer

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Nov 3, 2021

DxSale Clone Script, is a ready-made decentralized script that using which you can launch your own token sale platform similar to DxSale. Being the best token development company, Security Tokenizer offers the effective DxSale Clone Script that can be used for several token solutions like token minting, swapping, farming, locking tokens and raising funds with a list of tokens on any decentralized exchanges.


Features Of Our DxSale Clone Script


Here are some of the unique features of our DxSale Clone Script that we provide at Security Tokenizer.

  1. Absolutely decentralized.

  2. Governance Attribute.

  3. Cross-chain compliance.

  4. DAO provisions.

  5. Automatic yield farms.


Advantages Of DxSale Clone Script


Below mentioned are some of advantages of using our DxSale Clone Script.


  1. Funds collected in the DxSale platforms’ liquidity pool are automatically locked at the presale.

  2. No need for any requirements for holding the tokens like BSCstater, Unicrypt etc.

  3. It is simple to determine how long a token can be held.

  4. Easy token launch with the absence of codes.

  5. Absolutely autonomous and decentralized.

  6. Multi-chain compatible.

To benefit from all these mentioned features, get in touch with Security Tokenizer. With our DxSale clone script, you can easily launch your own token pre-sale platform similar to DxSale and generate passive income effectively.

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