Ecommerce SEO: A Guide to Successful Business

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Anna Abram activities: SEO Expert

Nov 15, 2021

One of the ways to ensure that your business is a success is by encouraging traffic on the ecommerce website. There are several articles and guidelines available on the internet related to ecommerce SEO. This too is a comprehensive guide to ecommerce SEO but before that, you need to understand what is ecommerce SEO

What is eCommerce SEO?

If you own an online store, it is critical to ensure that the page is visible to a large number of people. What will ensure this? Ecommerce SEO. It is a process by which your ecommerce website development is made more visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs). People might be searching for certain products that you happen to sell in your store. When they search, ecommerce SEO will ensure that your page ranks as highly as possible to get more traffic and as a result, more customers. 

Ecommerce SEO services try to optimize a couple of things like:

  • Product descriptions

  • Metadata

  • Headlines

  • Internal link structure

  • User experience, etc. 

Every product that you sell will have a dedicated page that has been designed to attract as much traffic as possible. 

Why is eCommerce SEO Important? 

To answer this question, we will start with an even simpler question- what do consumers do when they require a product or a service? They search for it in one of the many search engines available on the internet like Google. In most cases, they are looking for product ratings, reviews, comparisons, and a range of other information. 

If your ecommerce website does not appear on the SERPs when searched for, it will not garner enough traffic on the store page leading to lesser sales. Your products might be available on the internet but can consumers find them easily? This is where ecommerce SEO agencies become crucial. It provides you a way to reach a wider audience and ensures that they have easy access to your website when needed. An ecommerce SEO agency brings you closer to your target audience without paying for ads. Once the customers reach your page, you can display all your best products and services, motivating them to make purchases. 

Thus, ecommerce SEO takes care of the very first step of acquiring new customers: getting people to your website. 

A guide to ecommerce SEO strategies

In this section, we will discuss some of the best strategies for ecommerce SEO services that will ensure traffic to your online store. If you want consumers to find your website easily, you need a game plan with some crucial strategies. Let us have a look at these. 

  1. Use the right keywords

Keywords are a very important aspect of ensuring traffic and while you need not pack the headings with them, make sure they are present. Ecommerce SEO companies will tell you how important the primary and secondary keywords are. The primary keywords must be present in the headings, description, meta description, and subheadlines. The latent semantic index keywords must be sprinkled throughout the website. 

Carry out adequate research before you use certain keywords so that you can analyze crucial factors like keyword search volume, user intent, and CPC. 

  1. Conduct a thorough competitor research

The trick to any successful business is to know about your competitors, their strengths, and their weaknesses, in detail. You can learn many secrets of an ecommerce SEO service from the large competitors as they have already put in sufficient legwork and have experience in the field. 

Analyze the keywords used by competitors on their homepages along with the top product pages. You must also make an effort to know about the ecommerce SEO companies that your competitors might be using to optimize their websites. 

  1. Concentrate on homepage SEO

The homepage of your website is the first thing that any consumer notices and goes through and hence, most businesses focus their ecommerce SEO budget and energy on it. You need to optimize your homepage well and some of the key things to optimize on the homepage are:

  • Homepage title tag

  • Homepage meta description

  • Homepage content

  1. Simplify the architecture of your website

Another important strategy for an ecommerce SEO service to keep in mind is the simplicity of the architecture of a website. Customers must be able to navigate through your store with ease and there must be a distinct hierarchy in terms of the homepage, the product categories, and the products listed under them. 

A clear internal linking structure will guide the search bots to discover your products and services. An ecommerce SEO company will always suggest to you a simple rule of thumb- people must be able to access everything on the page in three clicks. 

  1. Optimize the product pages

Product pages are the most important part of your business. Hence, you must focus a major part of your time, money, and energy on optimizing them. A common mistake that many ecommerce stores make is they simply write a few lines describing the product and add an image or video. However, this is not enough. Ecommerce SEO agencies advise adding more information so that your products show up in the consumers’ search results. 

Here are a few specific things you must work on:

  • Product name- Add a common catch phrase or keyword to the product name so that they are easily searchable

  • Image optimization-Ecommerce SEO considers images to be an important part of any product page. Customers like to see as many images of the product as possible to be convinced of the authenticity of your website

  • Video- Adding a video or two on the product page only convinces the customer more about the quality of the product and your company’s services

  • Customer reviews- Some of the best ecommerce SEO platforms will tell you that customer reviews are crucial to the customers. They often make their decisions whether to buy a particular product or not based on these reviews


While increasing customer conversions is the right way to do any business, you can be a step ahead by optimizing your page through eCommerce SEO services. You need to get people to your page first and only then you can convert them. For this, eCommerce SEO is crucial for any business. If you follow the steps mentioned in this article, you have already done enough to create a significant amount of traffic on the website.

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