Effective Ways to Build a One Page Website from Scratch

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John Phil activities: Digital Executive

Jul 14, 2021

Many successful websites are large and include multiple pages and huge content that sometimes confuses the user. This is why some professionals suggest keeping your web design simple and precise. That’s why its worthwhile to build a one-page website for your business.
However, it truly depends on the type of business you own. 

The article will help you go more in-depth about multiple factors related to a single one-page website such as:

  • What is a one-page website called?

  • How to create a one-page website?

  • What are the essential elements of a one-page website?

Let’s Begin!!

What is a One Page Website Called? 

A single or one-page website is said to a website that contains one HTML page. There are no additional pages like About us, Contact us, Blog, etc. Despite that, the content present on the single-page website is fully loaded on the initial page, making the user experience more continuous and easy.

One-page websites help you indirectly promoting only one thing. This allows the visitors to make their decision quickly. 

How to Create a One-Page Website?

There are multiple ways to create a simple one-page website such as:

  • Make our mind - Two main designs that are considered by most business persons: A Simple one-page website and a Classic. Depending on your type of business and priorities, you have to decide which website design to choose.

    Just to help you decide wisely, here are some facts related to a one-page website:

    • One page website layout increases the user experience by authorizing visitors to consume your content in an efficient way

    • Single page website design is responsive which means the format is well adapted on every device

    • Having a one-page website is also easy to maintain and requires fewer resources

Now after reading the facts related to the Single page website you’re probably imagining your website in this grand format. But first, you need to ask yourself, “is a single-page website format is a good fit for your business, specifically?”

This website format is recommended to business persons who own freelance websites, photography websites, wedding websites, etc.

  • Build your content strategy - If you have decided that you are going to opt for a single-page website for your business. The foremost thing to do when you build a website from scratch is to lay out your content strategy.

    Creating a single-page website design allows you to control the order in which the user can view, so ensure that it’s logical and intuitive. To make a strong Content strategy, you need to think about exactly what your visitors want and based on that What you want to serve them?

    Multiple important things should be on your website page for sure, and these are as follows:

    • About Us

    • Services and products details

    • Meet the Team section

    • CTA button

    • FAQ section

    • A Photo Gallery

    • Testimonials

    • Contact Us

It all depends on what section you want to create as per your desire. Despite that, you should always prioritize the order of your content as it is extremely important for your business. When it comes to words, the professionals suggest keeping it less, as effective content forms strong single-page website designs.

  • Choose a website template - Once you have built your content strategies, you’ll need a template that sets you off in the right direction by including various elements that are required on your website. For example - An anchored menu, a social bar, a rich footer, and strips and columns.

Nowadays, almost every one-page template is highly customized which allows you to change your header to the footer as per your business requirements.

“Single One-page website templates help you flourish your creative imagination to endless possibilities”

  • Break your Content into Small Sections - After creating your content, you are now required to organize and display it with the use of strips. Here are some steps that you can follow to add a strip to your site:

    • Open the Wix Editor

    • Go to Main Menu

    • Click onto “Add”

    • Select “STRIP”

Using the strips you can easily add text, videos, images, testimonials, and much more to your website. There is no limit for strips you can use as many you want, and then arrange them in an organized manner.

  • Add a Condiment of Parallax Effects - Another popular web design trend for one-page websites is “parallax scrolling”.It is an effect that creates a 3D illusion on your website with various eye-catchy strips that you’ve added in your previous step.

    Parallax Scrolling makes your website interesting by making the layers in the background and your forepart seem to move at different places as your user scrolls down your website.

    One-page websites may seem moderately one-dimensional, adding parallax scrolling gives your website the extra punch that it needs. Moreover, to create effective parallax effects on your website you can add narrow animations to your strips, like zoom in, fade and reveal.
    Using this professional website technique your visitors can scroll all the way to the bottom.

  • Build an Anchor Menu to link each section - You’ve heard of Website menus before, but Anchor menus are slightly different from them. They link each item to a different section of the same page, rather than directing it to another page.
    Before doing that you are required to define these sections by implementing the “anchors” in the places you want them to be. To create Anchor menus for your Single one page website you should follow three mandatory and important steps to achieve your goals:

    • Add an Anchor - Adding anchor menus to your websites help your users to navigate to different parts of your website by allowing them to go straight to specific sections. Multiple templates already include anchors built-in, but you can rename, move or delete them as per your requirements.

    • Link your site’s Menu to the Anchor - Linking allows your users to go to a particular section of your page from the menu. However, while anchoring you should ensure that you select the corresponding section to attach your anchor. It is important because linking your site menu to the anchors plays an important role in easy website navigation.

    • Create Order in your Menu - The order placed in your menu should correspond to the order of your sections for user-friendly navigation. It plays an important role as single-page websites include long scrolling i.e. you should keep your menu visible by freezing it on your website.

  • Make it easier for users to scroll through your website - As you know, one-page websites can be in a long format that can sometimes provide a bad user experience.
    Therefore, to provide your site visitors a hassle-free experience you can simply add a back-to-top button to allow them to reach the beginning of your website with just one single click. This button is fixed at the bottom of your website.

  • Implement a strong CTA - Having a compelling Call to Action (CTA) is considered to be one of the best practices while you build a Single one-page website. It also helps in increasing the eCommerce conversion rate.
    Also, Call to Action is an important element of your website because using an effective CTA on your website holds back a visitor and guides them on what to do next...

    Here are some tips to write a compelling CTA for your website:

    • CTA should be Clear (Use strong headings)

    • Should be easily Noticeable (Use contrasting colors, Bold Letters)

    • Must comprise relevant information (convince users to take next step)

    • It should include Commanding words

  • Include a rich footer - Footer is the area at the bottom of your website where the user navigates when they are seeking any important information such as Contact us.
    This is why you must keep your footer details up-to-date. The details on your footer include:

    • Contact details

    • Operation hours

    • Your Privacy policy

    • Terms and Condition

    • Social Media Links

You can also add a footer map location if you have your physical store location.

  • Incorporate your social media accounts - With the development of technology nowadays, it has become a necessity to connect with all aspects of your online presence. However, one simple step to do so is to connect your business to your Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles.
    This is necessary as you have to drive more and more online traffic from your social media to help your product to be a BRAND.

Moreover, there are multiple ways to incorporate your social media profiles on your site such as:

  • Add a social media bar to your website

  • Add your Instagram feed

  • Keep SEO in mind - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies help drive traffic to your website. It helps you to enhance traffic and conversions simultaneously as using its strategies improves the content to get a higher rank on the search engine.
    This can help you be on top of your competitors easily.

  • Make your website mobile-friendly - 90% of people are nowadays active on their mobile phone i.e. having a mobile-friendly website is a must.
    People in this developing world enjoy online surfing on their phones and owning a mobile-friendly one-page website design helps you drive a huge amount of traffic to your website.

What are the essential elements of a one-page website?

While deciding to build a one-page website you should choose wisely what to include in it. Keeping in mind that it is important to include all the needed information in it without cluttering the page. 

Here are some essential elements that will help you build a successful single one-page website:

  • A Compelling CTA that includes info like sign-up, contact us, or purchase button

  • About section that should include information related to your business, its establishments, etc

  • Focus on your Branding Elements like your Logo and Tagline

  • A list of your products and services

  • Interlink your content around the web including the social media

  • At last Footer including your contact details


Sometimes, you only desire your website to include informational data on it. In those circumstances, most business persons opt for a single one-page website design. As it is the perfect solution for that!
Most of the time experienced business persons build one-page websites on their own but some of them take help from professionals to get their website design perfectly. In case, you are seeking help or are confused about “how to create a one page website?” Then you can contact us professionals at +1 434 879 4367 or else mail us your requirements at info@janbaskdigitaldesign. com. To know more information related to “how to build a one-page website for better conversion rate?” you can visit our official website JanBask Digital Design.