Equal Pay To Equal Work – Discrimination Faced By Working Students

Article about Equal Pay To Equal Work – Discrimination Faced By Working Students

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Sep 30, 2021

Employment discrimination is a bitter truth many students and employees face daily. It is not hidden that people suffer from discrimination at the workplace or at freelance work based on gender, age, sexual orientation, physical disability, religion or salary.

When we talk about discrimination, there are many things that can make a freelancing student demotivated. Let's discuss some common discrimination types that we usually observe.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination normally refers to women being discriminated against or sexually harassed. But it is not true. Discrimination can happen to both male and female students, and it can be a real problem.

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For example, men are expected to work long hours as they have to support their families financially. And women cannot be a leader as they are sensitive and emotional when it comes to taking decision.

Women have great potential for household work, and expecting them to be responsible for such activities in office premises is quite discriminated. Such as:

Ø  Planning office parties

Ø  Answering phone calls

Ø  Ordering lunch for everyone

Ø  Taking notes during the meeting

Few women do not want to manage these types of work; they want to be role models by managing a team with their skills. In a workplace, women who show strong leadership towards employees may get labelled as uncaring or cold. Women are expected to be shy and not show off about their achievement and promotion, but on the other hand, men exhibit their accomplishment if they are not comfortable doing so.

Discrimination Faced By Part-Time Working Students

The employees who work 9 hours a day in a firm are more active or fresh than those students who are part-timers. Students who work part-time are not considered loyal among the full-time workers. They think part-timers are not serious about their job role and treat them differently. Full-time employees may pass over the special projects or opportunities as they don't found part-timers dedicated.

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You may feel like it's not a big deal because still, you have the job as a part-timer. But this type of discrimination increases the anxiety level, which is also a trauma for part-time workers and students may face difficulty in their education as well.

Family Responsibility Discrimination

Sometimes we observe discrimination due to family for the students who are parents. Some of the employees are single, and some are parents. Working parents prefer a more flexible schedule so that they can manage their home and office in any urgent situation.

As per the research, family leaves can be provided to both father and mother. Even women can also avail maternal leaves. If a husband is taking off to take care of his wife, they suffer from discrimination as some employees make them feel bad.

The most common issue is that people take uninformed leaves, which cause loss. That's why other employees ask to take action against such employees. But if those uninformed leaves are due to family issues, no action is taken, and other employees consider it is discrimination.

Equal Pay For Equal Work Discrimination

It refers to getting an equal amount for the same sort of work and skillset. Without any doubt, this is among the most noticed discrimination that employees are facing in the workplace. Let's have a detailed conversation about this.

What Equal Pay Means

While I was searching for top dissertation writing services, I came to the point that regardless of your gender, age, financial background, current circumstances, each student belonging to the same firm under the same job should get an equal salary, until and unless the unequal salary is justified due to the differences in skillset. It can affect any company badly if an employer is unable to do justice when it comes to distributing salaries.

Equal pay applies to the following terms:

ü  Basic salary

ü  Six months bonus

ü  Salary for overtime

ü  Sick and casual leaves

ü  Benefits related to performance

ü  Pension scheme

ü  Convenience by a company

ü  Travel allowance

Also, you need to hire and pay employees based on the following terms:

ü  Check if a candidate is ready to handle public and personal office

ü  How confidently employee gives a verbal interview

ü  The efficiency of employees on the written contract

ü  The employee who is prepared to work personally

ü  A student who wants an internship and can serve the effective notice period.

Don't see how much time they will invest in working in your firm. Just see how dedicated and influential resource you are getting at what pay scale.

How To Define Equal Pay

Mainly equal work is divided into three categories.

Same Work

It is basically counted as work or task that requires a similar skill set, knowledge and idea. You do not need to make extra efforts for this. For example, data entry or such work requires a similar sort of expertise.

Work Of Equal Value

It may require different skillset and work, but the working value is the same in terms of time, decision making and efforts. This is the reason that managers from different departments are more or less paid equally.

Work Rated As Equivalent

It is the type of task which varies in skillset and time but is counted as equal due to its demand and how it is impacting the company.

How To Justify Pay Difference

Upon any pay scale variation between a male and female student, you need to justify the difference in nature of the task they both are doing. If the pay scale of a woman is less than a man, it should have valid reasons. These reasons should be,

ü  Well justified, and in accordance with the work.

ü  Not be stained by discrimination in any means, directly or indirectly.

ü  There must be an honest person behind the decision of pay difference.

ü  The company should have a pay scale based on some points, experience, skillset and salary of each person should be justified accordingly.

How To Provide Equal Pay

Keep these few things in mind while providing equal pay to the individual student.