Essential Gutter Maintenance and Repairs Tips

Article about Essential Gutter Maintenance and Repairs Tips

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Jul 1, 2021

Gutter installation may cost you a fair amount and thus it is important that it is maintained properly. If gutters are not maintained in the right manner then you have to bear the cost again and again. Thus, it is necessary that gutters are kept in excellent condition. It is said that prevention is better than cure and thus little bit of gutter repair is always preferred over total gutter installation.

Along with that, if gutters are well-maintained you get to stay in a home that is safe during heavy rainfall and storm. Apart from that it also does not allows any mold or pest in your home. Poor maintenance of gutter will lead to situation where there is clogging and leakage leading to damage of different areas of the building.

You may be thinking that gutter maintenance and repairs is quite a tough affair, it is not if you know the right way of how to do it. If you feel you cannot do it yourself then a gutter specialist can help.

Safety First

Your safety is most important and thus, before you start any kind of gutter repairing or cleaning task remembers to avail all safety measures. You must use non-slip shoes, wear a pair of heavy work gloves and also use safety goggles.

Next, for doing the cleaning properly you must have a ladder that is tall enough. In order to prevent rocking you need to place it on a flat surface. If possible there must be someone to hold the ladder when you are using it.

In case the gutters are at good height or there is a power line passing nearby, then you must not do it yourself! Get professional help because they know how to handle it professionally.

Regularly cleaning your gutters

The best way to increase the lifespan of gutters is maintaining it regularly. It will ensure that the aesthetics of your home is good enough. Remember that fascia boards and soffits are also important in the total gutter system. The best thing is to clean the gutter at least twice a year, during autumn and spring. If required you can do it more often.

Here are few tips for gutter cleaning

  • For removing debris from the gutter you must wear gloves on your hands and use plastic shovel. Use a bucket to dump the debris to take out.
  • In order to clean the residue you must use a garden hose with a spray nozzle.
  • After you are at one end, open the hose pipe so that water can downpour and clean the remaining debris properly from the gutter.
  • In case, you find that water is not draining it means the downspout is clogged. Put water pressure at the tip so that the clog is removed by pressure.
  • After you have worked on the downspout look out for any loose ends. If there are any please tighten them.

Clear your roof

It is necessary to keep your roof clean because if it is not clean then debris from it will fall into the gutter and block it! When you are scaling the heights of roof be careful. You must not even go to roof when there is ice there. It may be slippery.

When the roof is free from ice and there is no rainfall, you must clean the roof. This will ensure that during the next rainfall this debris will not go to the gutter and clog it.

Check for Rust, Leaks, and Holes

After completing cleaning the gutter it is important that you do not stop there. You must inspect the gutter properly. If there are any issues there you need to take action immediately. The question is what should you look for?

You must check if there is any rust or leaks in the guttering system. There may be holes and if you find any you can buy gutter patching kit and patch up the holes. However, it is best that in such case you contact a professional who will help you best in maintaining your gutter and checking out everything.

If you notice rust in the gutters you must ask the professional whether you should continue with them or think about gutter installation.

Eliminate Pests and Rodents

Sometimes rodents and pests make the gutter their home. You may even find small animals making their nests in the gutter. They may be cute but it is not good for the health of gutters. They will clog water and when the weight of water increases it will damage the system as well as your building. Thus, you have to be very careful.

Moreover, there are chances of pest infestation in your home as they may enter your home! So, if you find any get help from pest control.

In short, it can be said that maintenance of gutter is important. Still after some years you may have to think of installing new gutters. Always get professional help for that.

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