Everything About Using SEO As A Part of Brand Marketing

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Nov 15, 2021

A common term for marketing products and services that uses digital channels to attract consumers and build their loyalty is Brand marketing.

By brand marketing is understood:

  1. An integrated approach to promoting a company, its goods, or services in an online environment includes offline consumers who use cell phones and other means of communication in their daily lives.
  2. Integration of many different technologies. They can be mobile, social, CRM systems that include sales and customer service.
  3. Guarantee of constant quality interaction (with feedback) of the advertiser and the end-user;
  4.  A balance. It has to control the link between technology and human resources. It considers the needs of consumers and product properties.
  5. Record growth dynamics and achievement of any goals of marketing activities;
  6. Evaluation and analysis of the promotion results, adaptation to the needs and requirements of the leads, correction of products/services.
  7. We use Online promotion in e-stores, goods, and services with a long transaction cycle, in-network business, brand promotion of large companies, online education, real estate agencies, and start-ups.

Different areas are relevant, but marketing is widespread in the b2c and b2b consumer segments. The brand promotes close interaction with consumers and reaches a large part of the target audience, showing its effectiveness. You need to know how to create quality backlinks.

Until recently, digital functioned without internet marketing. SoftAd Group (now ChannelNet) is considered to be the pioneer of this trend. In the mid-80s, professionals developed an original advertising campaign for several car manufacturers.

The readers had to cut out a special insert from a particular magazine and mail it in. The reply was an offer of a free test drive and a floppy disk containing the car's advertisement. The company used medium and offline promotion tools simultaneously. Brand marketing gained popularity at the end of the XX century.

Channels for Online Marketing Boosting

Often, brand marketing equals internet marketing. However, Digital goes beyond just online advertising and uses online channels that may not connect to the internet. These are television ads (only digital media), various mobile applications, SMS-mailing.

Thus, brand marketing is marketing that uses only digital channels. Traditional marketing channels do not apply.

The main channels of digital marketing:


      local networks;

      online television;

      mobile devices;

      smart gadgets;

      interactive screens;


The first channel includes all devices with the ability to access the World Wide Web. These are computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets. In addition, we placed other advertising on third-party sites in search results, teasers, and social networks. Advertising formats are other: articles, posts, audio recordings, videos, and infographics.

Promotion in local networks, which are inbuilt with the internet, is also effective. These are corporate networks of companies, districts, etc.

Television has almost superseded analog television and is integrated with the internet. Promotion takes the form of short videos with voiceovers that are broadcast during commercials.

Widespread channels of promotion in marketing are branded apps, SMS messages, and WOW calls. In addition, ads (of various computer games) can appear on the stronghold sites as well.

Popular gadgets: smartwatches, scales, fitness bracelets have Internet access via Wi-Fi. Advertising is still underutilized. The company interacts with the user through a branded application.

Interactive screens are understood as advertising banners, virtual fitting room screens, cell phone charging devices, POS materials, etc.

Online art is any form created or transmitted through "digital" (music, paintings, games, etc.). In this case, the primary type of advertising is branding — obligatory placement of the firm logo in a prominent place.

SEO Optimization in Brand Marketing

We use various tools in online marketing, which can spread information about a product, brand, or company to many people to attract their attention, along with the contextual, banner, viral, targeted advertising, and other tools widely used for SEO optimization. Read more at https://beyourmaverick.com/how-to-make-money-with-seo/.

SEO-optimization is a process of increasing the number of users to a particular website, mobile app users, consumers, and customers by raising the position of the resource in search results. But, first, we need to submit a blog post and preferably do it regularly.

Search engine optimization requires a lot of time for the first results to appear, but it is considered less expensive than advertising on the internet. Therefore, many people put in enough effort, and the digital channel will attract many visitors for a long time.

Reasons for using SEO:

  1. Most users ignore ads. They use various services to block them.
  2. About 60% of companies in the b2b segment believe that they have acquired most of their customers through SEO optimization.
  3. The first three positions (three sites) in search results receive more than half of all hits.
  4. If the site takes a long time to load, 39% of users leave and do not return.

There are different sorts of digital SEO:

  1. App store optimization. It includes Apple Store, Google Play.
  2. Conversion optimization. When you use Google Analytics and other tools to monitor user actions to simplify and speed up conversion).
  3. Micro-moments. They are similar to the previous type but developed exclusively for mobile applications, a Google project to help marketers understand consumer behavior and its implications).

Brand marketing is a new trend, which is actively developing and has already surpassed traditional advertising. To get the desired effect, maximize profits and promote the brand to a high level, it is necessary to use more channels.