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Sep 13, 2021

Facebook has been such a relevant social media platform for decades now. This was started by Mark Zuckerberg in the early 2000s and its main purpose was to have a social life online. Every aspect of it was supposed to be on the web, that is why all the options of chatting, friend requests, and sharing thoughts. To make things easier for everyone Facebook came up with an option of Facebook messenger. It provides easy access to messages that you can send and receive from one another. However, many users have complained about Facebook messenger not opening. This is a problem faced by many users, if you have faced this then read the entire article to solve this problem.

How to solve this problem of Facebook messenger not working?

This is a severe problem faced by many users regularly and this section is the most important for all users facing Messenger not working problems. 

  1. Check whether your smartphone or desktop is connected to the Internet. If not, then your Facebook messenger will never work. So, connect your system or phone to the nearest Wifi. 

  1. Your smartphone might be filled with data and no space might be left in it to store messages anymore. Clear that space in your phone or system to receive messages from Facebook Messenger. 

  1. Another great solution to use Facebook messenger effectively when it is not working is to uninstall the app from your phone and install it again. This will help you to receive and send messages to your account. This is a process that works more often than not, so use this as your last resort. 

  1. Sometimes when you surf the web too often, you collect cookies and caches from it and it might be posing as a hindrance to your Facebook Messenger. Clear all the cookies and caches from your phone and computer to solve this problem.

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