Features of Rarible Clone | Create an NFT Marketplace like Rarible

Article about Features of Rarible Clone | Create an NFT Marketplace like Rarible

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Sep 9, 2021

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) have been strongly trending on the Internet in recent times. It is a unique cryptographic token existing on different blockchain networks like Ethereum and Tron. The special feature is that it cannot be interchanged by users with each other. 

NFTs are getting traded in billions of dollars each day on various dedicated marketplaces. The rare digital collectible has also been taking industries like art and gaming to the next level.

The attractive features of thewhite-label Rarible like NFT marketplace

  • An advanced search mechanism - Users can easily search for their desired NFTs by entering the name of either the content creator or the digital collectible.

  • A price filtering option - The crypto investors can find out NFTs by filtering them based on the cheapest and highest price.

  • No chance of copyright infringement - Content creators need not worry about the unapproved duplication or misuse of their creative content. Blockchain technology ensures top-notch security for their content and attaches a unique digital ID to it that can be verified anytime.

  • Strict adherence to community guidelines - The Rarible community takes care of all discussions and voting related to the maintenance and development of the NFT marketplace. A common decision will be taken regarding token incentives, bug-fixing, and ideas for implementing new proposals.

  • Implementation for 100% decentralization - Since there is no control by any powerful central authority, full-fledged decentralization is ensured through transparent digital asset management. 

  • Immutability in the storage of data - All the data of users are stored in an immutable manner making it highly resistant to manipulation or change.

  • Digitization of physical records - This is useful for various stakeholders in the education and healthcare industry as they will have access to bulk data of students, teachers, doctors, nurses, and patients. The records can be completely digitized to eliminate paperwork. It can also be referred to 24x7x365 by anyone.

  • Integration with advanced technologies - The visual appeal for investors in viewing the NFT’s on the Rarible clone script is easily enhanced. It is done through integration with modern technologies like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and the usage of 3D elements.

  • Access to DeFi-based NFTs - According to data from DeFi Pulse, the total value locked in DeFi platforms worldwide has crossed a whopping $44.57 billion. Keeping a close watch on this game-changing market trend, the Rarible clone allows investors to purchase DeFi-based NFTs related to Ethereum and Dai stablecoin.

  • Support for liquidity mining and yield farming - Crypto enthusiasts can easily increase the returns of their crypto holdings by participating in liquidity mining. It takes place on a specific date and time on the platform and a specific number of crypto tokens will be distributed as incentives to the investors.  The buyers and sellers of the NFTs get a 50% share each.

Other features

Some of the extra features include a real-time price discovery mechanism for the NFT investors, a mobile trading app for seamless buying and selling of NFTs by users, and fractional ownership of different digital collectibles.

NFTs have performed very well so far bringing a positive return on investment for the buyers and sellers. The future of Non-Fungible tokens will depend on the extent of adoption in the mainstream economy and the implementation of crypto-friendly regulations passed by authorities across the world.