Five stunning gifts to impress your senior

Article about Five stunning gifts to impress your senior

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Jun 29, 2021

If your Boss is ready to have a blast on his upcoming special day, then you are the only one who can give him the punch of happiness and joy. You can be in a good book and impress him to grab the next promotion at the office by gifting him something exclusive. Not that always your pocket would allow that, but here are some fantastic gifts that would fit in your pocket and be of great utility to your Boss.

 Strike that chord of friendship and take another step closer to your promotion with this gift that is not only affordable but helps you to add the professional touch to your gifting gesture. Be the first one to order cake online on the occasion when your Boss is celebrating his birth anniversary or has achieved a new target at work. 

Lightweight, portable keyboard

Working from home then a lightweight key portable keyboard would come in handy. Travelling is common. The lightweight, portable keyboard helps you to take along your work while you are on the go.

This portable keyboard is compact and lightweight that can be easily popped into your handbag. Your Boss would be delighted to see such a fantastic piece of technology to help him out while travelling. 

Phone docking station 

This is a great way to keep nature around and keep the person productive with the phone. This phone docking station has a double utility. It can hold fresh flowers and help you charge your phones. Even in reading mode, this phone dock would give extraordinary efficiency and feasibility without hampering work.

This phone docking station cum flower vase would be a perfect addition to his office cabins and make his desk look more vibrant and motivating. Encourage him to do his best for his own company with this fascinating accessory.

Spices and condiments 

A combo of some exotic spices and condiments from different parts of the world would add flavour to his every hour snack. It would be a great way to add some authenticity to his food. Your seniors would love to have some pepper and rock salt over the vegetables that he likes too much. 

He would also love to treat himself with some tangy tamarind sauce while he wants a break from his hard-working schedule. This unique gift also works great for those people who are always up with their Chefs coat to cook something new. Read between the lines and let your Boss follow his passion for food and give himself a flavoursome delight of spices and condiments. 

Virtual helper 

Everyone needs an assistant. So does your Boss. The virtual assistants that are really popular today can be a good way to surprise your Boss. You can present a home assistant to your Boss that works tirelessly and syncs well with all the appliances at home. He could well schedule his day and take advantage of the latest smart technology to ease his daily routine. This virtual assistant would remind him of all of his meetings and make a call on just one voice command. He will be able to give instructions to send messages and read out the emails. how fantastic it would be for a boss to have such functionality in just two phrases- “Hey Google!”

Insulated tumbler

Fueling your body while working hard in the office is of utmost importance, and an insulated tumbler would be ready to grab the thing. While your Boss is on the way to the office, this would be of great utility. If your Boss always prefers to relish some hot coffee, this tumbler would prove to be the best server.

This insulated tumbler comes in attractive designs and colours and keeps your drink hot for a longer period. So even if you are engrossed working for the office, you might not regret missing out on your coffee. You can always have a hot sip with the most refreshing flavours with this insulated tumbler.

Congratulate him on achieving his professional success and make this an opportunity to be a milestone in your professional career. Grab the chance to take on to the next level by wooing your Boss and telling him that you are one of his best employees at work. 

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