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Aug 23, 2021


You have undoubtedly noticed them. segways They are still few and remain silent but they are there, they surround us, bypass us. Like super-pedestrians who glide lightly on the asphalt of our sidewalks. Each contact with this new form of mobility arouses surprise and questioning. Gyro pod, gyro roe, or even hoverboard. What are we talking about? Are all these equipment’s equal and are they revolutionary? I tried to clarify the subject and I offer you a presentation, in the order of their birth, of the family of gyroscopic vehicles. But above all, back to the origins.

The eldest: The Segway or Segway

This one is quite easy to identify: the first machine of its kind, it saw the birth of gyroscopic technology applied to mobility. It was initially marketed by the American company Segway. Note that contrary to what the legend says, the inventor did not die because of his invention. Moreover, he continues to express his genius through various inventions, particularly in medical robotics. This vehicle therefore arrived on the market in the mid-2000s, the bearer of a real technological revolution which, however, did not catch on with the general public. The reasons? Too high a price around 10,000 euros, a bulk and a weight of 50kg far too substantial for a vehicle for city use.

It was therefore necessary to change marketing targeting. From the tourist or hiker in search of the unusual, to the avant-garde and lazy golfer who shows off with his “gyro-caddy”, the Gyropode has found its new niche. It is also very effective for Street Marketing campaigns. By necessarily more flashy, it is more fun and innovative than the traditional sandwich men. In pedestrian areas, it is also a good way for the police to gain height and gain in speed of movement. And no offense to the Republican Guard, segway, for sale a Segway is still more maneuverable than a horse.

Finally, some companies have considerably reduced the weight and size of their Segway to address professionals traveling too great distances in their workplace: large industrial sites, warehouses, airports, stations ...
To conclude, the two big points The strengths of the Segway are its stability and its autonomy, which offer a real alternative on journeys too long to be made on foot and too short for the use of the car.


Small balance sheet

These three gyroscopic vehicles therefore present quite marked differences: price, weight, ease of handling, etc. Difference in targets as well: Companies or communities for the gyro pod City dwellers connected to the gyro cycle and adolescents or celebrities a little "unbalanced" ( or rather destabilized?) for the hoverboard.

However, they all have in common the uncertainty as to their ability to differentiate themselves from other types of soft mobility such as electric bicycles or scooters. This challenge will certainly revolve around a more advanced degree of miniaturization, hoverboard seat , increased autonomy and more sophisticated technology offering more stability. The fall in prices will also be decisive. These facilities could really establish themselves as alternative forms of mobility.


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Published: Aug 23, 2021

Published: Aug 23, 2021