How Do I Clear the Jam On My HP Printer

Article about How Do I Clear the Jam On My HP Printer

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Aug 18, 2021

If you using an HP printer then you might have come across the issue of paper jam at least once. We are here to help you clear paper jams in the HP printers. HP printer provides both colored as well as black and white print out.

Ways to fix the paper jam issue –

Have a look at the paper tray

1. You have to check if any paper is stuck in the paper tray, if it is then take it out gently and then you can press the Resume button on the printer.

The front cover of the inkjet printer

1. If your HP printer paper jam won’t clear, you have to first lift the front cover of the inkjet printer and then can remove the additional paper from the printer.

Testing the printer

1. First, you have to reload the inkjet paper into the paper tray, it will be a test paper to test the working of the printer after the fixes.

2. After that hold on to the resume button until printing begins on the test page without problems.

To gain more information on the HP printer and also about the problems related to it, the readers are advised to refer to the website Printeralign.

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