How To Participate in The Racing of Horses in Zed Run

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Sep 16, 2021

What is Zed Run?
Zed Run is a most popular digital NFT Horse racing gaming Platform , where anyone can race on digital tracks and collect any one kind of horse. You can use thousands of dollars to increase your stable and breed any championship bloodlines. Thus Zed Run is a NFT based Horse breeding gaming ecosystem, that allows you to take part in breeding race horses & produce new offsprings.

Zed Run consists of four bloodlines namely,

Finney &
In the above list, Nakamoto is the rarest & coveted bloodline & Buterlin is common & unpredictable.

How To Use The Zed Run Platform ?
Step 1 : Create A Meta Mask Wallet 
Step 2 : Transfer the ETH to MetaMask
Step 3 : Make your own Account on Zed Run
Step 4 : Wrapping your ETH 
Step 5 : Buy the horse on the Zed Run Platform.

Choose the Horse based on the attributes such as bloodline, genotype, and coat color which makes them unique and can affect the performance of specific horses and future offsprings.
Business Benefits of Launching Horse Game Like Zed Run
From the above information, hope you are all clear about the platform Zed Run and its benefits, working and more. If you are the one who always thinks ahead in anything and everything, then why just be a player in Zed Run? Begin your own NFT based Digital Horse Gaming platform like Zed Run. 

Less Capital Investment
Quick Market Acceptance
Faster User Gaining
Huge ROI 
Most chosen Business Idea by many business people.
Ready to launch your own NFT based Horse Racing Platform like Zed Run?

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