How To Start a P2P Exchange Like Paxful and Make it Successful

Aug 12, 2021

To launch a p2p exchange like Paxful, You should understand and clear about the paxful business model, key features, development process, monetization options, and brand creation.  Keep your eye down to read,...


Paxful Business model


Paxful is the online market place to buy/sell bitcoins instantly. since, Paxful is the peer to peer exchange, where trading occurs end to end under Escrow protection. Users of this Exchange are allowed to display ads with information such as the number of bitcoins, mode of payment, date of selling, etc. This exchange also supports offline trading where traders can meet in person and execute trading.


To improvise the traders experience and to guarantee the secured ecosystem reviews and rating section are added for each user, where traders can independently write their trading experience with the particular trader, this idea is very helpful to spot out the spammers in the exchange.


The most incredible thing about Paxful is its versatile payment options. This Exchange offers 300+ payment options under six major categories such as


Ø Bank Transfer

Ø Online Wallet

Ø Itune gift card

Ø Amazon gift card

Ø Cash in Person

Ø Cryptocurrencies


Paxful clone script is the ready-made website script with a 100% source code by which one can easily build a bitcoin exchange just like Paxful. This script has been encrypted with high standard security features and designed based upon the cybersecurity protocols.

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