How can I boost security for Microsoft 365

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Jul 1, 2021

Its not a secret that Microsoft is responsible for protecting the Office 365 physical and virtual infrastructure and ensuring availability. Although Microsoft addresses certain security threats, it cannot prevent all malicious threats. But only users and businesses are responsible for protecting their data.

Despite the level of reliability provided by Microsoft, data loss in Office 365 may happen due to human error, viruses on the user’s side or other failures. Microsoft provides some mechanisms in Office 365 to prevent data loss.

To avoid data-loss disasters, you have to think about backup solution which will fit you the most. Backup services automatically copy your most precious personal files to offsite cloud storage servers that you can reach from anywhere with an internet connection.

Since Microsoft does not provide a native backup tool for Exchange Online, use NAKIVO Backup & Replication to protect your mailboxes from accidental deletions and malware attacks.

Also keep in mind that users must use strong passwords. The length should be at least 8 characters, and it should contain upper and lower letters, digits, and special characters. Besides, you can give your account a safeguard by using two-factor authentication, which is a method to confirm a users identity by requiring additional information that is only accessed by the user, for example, a confirmation call, SMS code, fingerprint, face image, or Google Authentication app, etc.

Another suggestion to protect your account is to prevent it from viruses. Because when users have viruses on their computers, these viruses can create or infect files that are accessible in Windows Explorer including flash drives, hard disk drives, shared folders, files stored on OneDrive, and so on.

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