How does a Gojek Clone app help to scale up your on-demand business

Article about How does a Gojek Clone app help to scale up your on-demand business

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Oct 7, 2021

Day by day, the demand for multi-services apps is upsurging. One promising app that has witnessed massive growth & popularity is Gojek. Mimicking it will give you a wider space for you to reach greater heights in a short while.  

Considerably, it has become an obligation to launch an on-demand multi-services app amidst the Covid-19 crisis. This is because almost most people tend to rely on such apps for availing various services as it is more convenient & comfortable.   

How to expand your on-demand business? Launch Gojek like app

As of the current situation, startups or entrepreneurs who run a traditional on-demand business have faced many challenges without an app. Some predominant ones are listed below.  

  • It is hard to attract new customers.

  • During the pandemic with the social norms, it is hard for a business to thrive. 

  • Lack of adequate resources.

  • Difficult to balance the demand and supply. 

The possible way to overcome these challenges is to develop & launch a multi-services app like Gojek. Thereby, it will pave the way for your existing on-demand business to thrive and reap the various benefits.  

Vital benefits of launching an app like Gojek 

  • Competitive advantage

Launching the app will be an effective strategy in order to have a competitive niche in the thriving on-demand market. As many plans for the same now, it is a prerequisite to have a unique selling proposition for your business, which may be in your offerings. 

  • Brand visibility

Traditional on-demand businesses will be visible only to a specific geographic area. Whereas, having an app for your business is likely to create brand awareness. 

  • Increase customer base

Once you have created brand awareness, you can reach out to a wider audience. Incorporating loyalty programs and conducting proper marketing campaigns are the simplest and best strategies for getting attention from a larger user base. 

  • Manage the entire business operations hassle-free

On the go, it will be easy and simple to handle the business operations in real-time through the admin panel. Most importantly, there is no need for paperwork as the Gojek like app will save all the required information. 

Stand ahead of the competition with a Gojek Clone app

A white-label Gojek Clone app will empower you to launch your on-demand multi-services app in no time. As PlayStore and App Store are filled with many on-demand apps, making your app distinguishable from these is indispensable. For this, you can contemplate including new & innovative features that are helpful for the app users. A few of the Covid-19 safety features are listed here. 

  • Restricted passenger limit

  • Safety reviews & ratings

  • Temperature check

  • Face mask verification

  • Ride cancelation

In addition to this, focus on expanding your services and categorize them in the app accordingly. The most popular on-demand services are food delivery, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, home cleaning services, dog walking services, babysitting, beauty services, and laundry services. 

Wrap up

The Covid-19 pandemic has become the predominant reason for the shift of traditional businesses to digital ones. Those who own a conventional on-demand business can leverage this opportunity by launching the Gojek Clone app.