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Aug 28, 2021

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Magento is one of the most popular open-source systems for creating a powerful eCommerce shop. The fact that over 250,000 merchants rely on this platform to operate their eCommerce company gives us an indication of its rising popularity.

This number has increased substantially with the release of the groundbreaking Magento 2 version, as Indian, Australian, and Canadian eCommerce business owners have also begun to use this system.

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Here we give some of the highly effective Magento 2 SEO tips to enable you to optimize your site for top search engines like Google and Bing.

1. Check And Increase Page Loading Speed

2. Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

3. Make The Navigation Easy And Simple

4. Keep Relevant URLs

5. Set Up Google Search Console And Analytics

6. Make Your Website More Secure

7. Use Robots Txt File And XML Sitemap

8. Improve Indexing By Generating HTML Sitemap

9. Use Rich Snippets

10. Integrate Open Graph And Twitter Cards

11. Avoid Duplicate And Similar Content

12. Social Sharing

13. Do Keyword Research

14. Keep URL Short

15. Use Breadcrumbs

16. Write SEO-Friendly Product Description

17. Include Review And Rating

18. Keep Everything Simple

19. Write Title And Description Properly

20. Optimize Images

21. Add Blog Section

So here it is if you want to read in-depth about each topic continue reading

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