How much does it cost to build a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Like LocalBitcoins

Article about How much does it cost to build a P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange Like LocalBitcoins

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Aug 16, 2021

There are many blockchain development companies offering p2p cryptocurrency exchanges like LocalBitcoins. One of the best ways to build Cryptocurrency exchanges like LocalBitcoins is using Clone Script. This Clone Script may require some additional Customization to execute the trades completely. This method is easier than developing an exchange platform from Scratch.

Benefits of Using LocalBitcoins Clone Script:

Online/Offline Bitcoin Trading

Multi Currency Support


Multi-Lingual Support

Matching Engine

Highly Secured Escrow Wallet

Advanced UI/UX Design

How Localbitcoins Clone Script Works?



Proceed With The Transactions

Escrow Services


Registration :

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies You must sign up and login to the website by email and submit some personal details such as (Passport and National Id)

Advertisement :

The seller can create advertisement for Sell or buy bitcoin with bitcoin quantity

Proceed With The Transactions:

If the Traders Satisfied with the Conditions, then they can proceed with the Transactions.

Escrow Services

The purpose of Escrow In Exchange is a mechanism to confirm both buyer and seller for cryptocurrency Transactions.


The user can give feedback about Exchanges. It improves the transparency of the website and avoids scammers. 

There are a lot of benefits in starting an exchange like LocalBitcoins using Clone Script. The best place to get LocalBitcoins clone script is Bitdeal who provides the Cryptocurrency exchange Script to start an exchange  like Localbitcoins. 

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Published: Sep 8, 2021