How much height should you use for mounting your TV or LED.

Article about How much height should you use for mounting your TV or LED.

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Jun 17, 2021


Nowadays, there is no home or commercial property that does not have a flat-screen television set. This has become an essential commodity and almost everyone has ownership of at least one television screen that is LCD or LED technology.

Many people used to shy away from mounting these television sets for various reasons. First of all, they had to get a professional to do the job which would cost them some amount of money. Secondly, there are some apprehensions about mounting the television set on the wall. And lastly, a lot of homeowners did not want to drill holes in their perfectly curated wall.

However, this trend has changed and many people find that the benefits of TV mounting in Jacksonville FL are much greater than its perceived cost or disadvantages.

The benefits of wall mounting are:

        It is much more secure then a TV stand

        It saves space as compared to a TV stand

        The comfort in a wall-mounted television set viewing is much greater than a TV stand viewing.


For all those people who are now convinced of the benefits of having a wall mounting and searching for the perfect height for mounting their television set, this article is the best-fit cause we will be discussing all the factors that go into play in finalizing the ideal height for the mounting process.

Factors for ideal TV mount:

        Size of the television set

        Viewing distance

        Eye-level height

        The viewing angle


Size of the TV

When you are looking to mount your TV, you need to take into account the height from the bottom of the floor to the center of your screen. A lot of people make this mistake when they take the bottom of the lower till the edge of the screen or the top of the wall to the edge of the screen. These are wrong practices and should not be used at all.

You can use the manual of all the television sets to identify the size of the television. Remember this is the diagonal size of the television. Use this area to mark the center of the television set from the ground.


Viewing distance

Although it is a very simple factor, not a lot of people do take it into account. For each television set with a different size, theres a different optimal viewing distance. And the process to calculate this viewing distance is very easy.

You just have to divide the television size by 0.55 to gain the viewing distance in inches. Once you have this numerical value, you can use this to get the best location for your television set.


Viewing angle

As per research reports, the most optimal viewing angle is 30 degrees Inclined. However, most TV viewers like to have a viewing angle of 10 to 15 degrees inclined.

You can select your viewing angle easily by measuring the distance from the ground to your eyes while sitting down.

All of this information might seem very technical, that is why you can always gain the help of TV mounting installers who are available in your area with years of experience on their end.

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