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Nov 10, 2021

You are probably starting in photography and you will ask yourself: How can I become a good photographer? » Therefore, here we gather the best tips to be a good photographer. Being a good photographer requires more than knowing the best techniques to take the best photographs or having the best equipment, it is something that has more to do with your personality and your actions. It has to do with the attitude, the capacity for observation and what you are capable of transmitting with your photo, that is, what you communicate with your photos. Here are the keys to being a good photographer: Keys to being a good photographer Be aware Being attentive to your surroundings and knowing how to react is key to taking the best improvised photos, especially when it comes to street or nature photography. It is also good to keep an eye on artistic trends and follow other photographers for knowledge and other perspectives. Be curious A good photographer sees beyond what is in the scene at the moment and is curious about what might happen next or about positioning himself from other perspectives: different directions, angles, compositions. He is also curious to learn, to explore new places and to try different equipment. Mastering the equipment you have There are incredible photos taken with your mobile, so whatever equipment you have, be it a mobile phone or a reflex camera, it is essential that you know how to master it. If you are new and have a SLR camera, read the manual carefully before starting to take photos and start by applying the basics. That is, if you suddenly have a unique moment to take a photo, you will quickly know how to take it or how to change the settings you need. To be passionate A good photographer is someone who is passionate about what he does, capable of enduring hours and hours for a good photograph. That passion gives you the persistence you need to be able to take some photos that require patience. Know how to communicate A good photographer is someone who communicates with his photography, who tells a story, who moves and can even tell what he feels with the image. Why you can have the perfect photo but if it does not convey anything, it will go unnoticed. The key is to tell a story to your audience and know how to tell it with the image, how to convey it. Have style What type of photography do you like the most and what is your style? Surely you know photographers with a very own style that you immediately identify. That is something that allows you to differentiate yourself and become a good photographer since you will tend to improve in that area. Be true to yourself. Do not be afraid to express yourself, try, fail, repeat and always transmit from your style. Enjoy If you are reading this, I imagine you like photography, so enjoy photographing! Do not be overwhelmed with what you have to learn, enjoy the moment of photographing, those unique and unrepeatable moments. That is essential to be a good photographer. I hope you liked the article, would you add any more keys to being a good photographer?

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Published: Nov 10, 2021