How to Design Amazing Custom CBD Retail Packaging

Article about How to Design Amazing Custom CBD Retail Packaging

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Carroll Derek activities: Business Development Manager

Aug 26, 2021

A simple 3 step guide to designing Custom CBD packaging for small businesses

You’ve got a great CBD product that’s ready to sell; now you just need to design the packaging.  Working out how to create the best custom boxes can be difficult, especially for small businesses looking for CBD packaging solutions.

To make the process easier, we’ve simplified everything you need to know about custom packaging for small business into three key points.

Choose sturdy materials

Your packaging isn’t just there to draw the customer’s eye and tell them about your product.  Another important factor in packaging is its ability to protect your product.  When customers make purchases, they want to buy undamaged goods, which is why quality packaging is important.  Flimsy boxes may be cheaper to order but will cost you more in the long run in damaged wares that can’t be sold. Read more

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