How to Fix A Slow GoDaddy Website

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Aug 5, 2021

The Godaddy website is more popular and known and used by vast people anyhow the web hosting provider is not the same. 

What to Do when Slow GoDaddy Persists? 

When you feel like your GoDaddy is too slow, then to fix it you will have to check out the below methods. 

Speed test your site:

Using any of the speed testing tools, you can probably check the speed and ensure whether it is slow due to this speed or not. What we recommend is if the speed of the network is as usual, then go to the next method. If not, due to network issues, you have had Godaddy Email Problems, so wait patiently; when your network connection becomes strong, your email will also get connected faster. 

Clear the Cache Now and then:

The reason your browser gets slow is due to the huge accumulation of cache. To clear do the following steps:

1. Click on Ctrl + H or customize and control google chrome.


2. On the left side, click clear browsing data, and when a box appears tap on the clear data. 

Upgrade to PHP 8.0:

Godaddy email slow will also be due to failure in upgrading PHP 8.0. 

1. In your GoDaddy account, click on the products pages then click manage, and then settings.

2. Click on upgrade PHP 7.4 ( if an error occurs, it is advised to stick to the previous version).

With these easy solutions, you can fix a slow Godaddy email within minutes.

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