How to Fix Windows 10 Sleep Mode Problems Easily

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Oct 4, 2021

Windows 10 users face sleep mode issues in their device due to various common reasons. In this issue, Computer wont go to sleep mode which can cause other problems in your device. This sleep mode can save your battery and you need not turn off your device during break. 

How to Fix These Issues?

Method 1 Follow when your sleep mode does not wake up:

Generally, when the device is in sleep mode; we will either switch on the power button or move the mouse or press any keys to turn on from the sleep mode. 

However, due to outdated drivers, virus, hybrid sleep option enabled will not make the device to wake up. 

To fix: 

  1. Update the device drivers whenever the update option is available. This can fix the Windows 10 Sleep mode issue

  2. To disable the hybrid sleep option, go to the control panel and click on the all control panel items. Click on power options and click edit plan settings. Then click the change advanced power settings to switch it off. 

Method 2 Fix Sleep Mode Not Working:

Sleep mode will not work because of reasons like inappropriate settings and interference of third-party. 

  1. Scan if there are any malwares or viruses.

  2. Uninstall, in case any third party software’s interferes. 

  3. Detach any devices that are compatible on your windows 10. 

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