How to Increase Views on Youtube

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Nov 9, 2021

YouTube is a large platform that is constantly growing and evolving. Those days are long gone when people subscribed to a channel merely for funny or entertaining videos. Today it is a place that provides important information and that businesses use for marketing purposes. The success of channels depends largely on how many views it is able to get. This article is a guide to understanding how to increase views on Youtube

There are many ways in which you can increase views on Youtube for free. The tips we will provide here will help you increase views on Youtube videos and attain much success. 

How to increase views on YouTube

Lets jump straight into the different ways in which you can increase views on YouTube for free

  1. Create compelling content

It does not matter if you use several advertisements or hacks to increase views, it will not be possible unless your content is truly compelling. In order to increase views on Youtube, you must first identify your ideal customers and what content they are looking for. This will help you create content that they find appealing and helpful for particular tasks. 

  1. Encourage your viewers to subscribe

It is an old saying that the best customers are the oldest ones which translates to the fact that retaining customers is the best way to go. This saying holds true for Youtube as well. If you are wondering how to increase views on Youtube, one of the easiest ways is by encouraging viewers to subscribe to the page. At the beginning and end of every video, ask the audience to subscribe if they like the content. 

  1. Create playlists to ensure people keep watching

Another tip on how to increase views on Youtube videos is by creating playlists to ensure people keep watching your content. Statistics provided by YouTube themselves show that some of the top-performing bands have reached that position by creating playlists from time to time. The reason for the popularity of playlists is that they autoplay so the viewers keep watching your videos. 

  1. Promote videos with end screens and cards

There are certain tools like end screens and cards that can be used to increase views on Youtube. To access these features, you will have to get your account verified through a few simple steps. Once that is done, you can easily promote videos with end screens and cards. So what are end screens and cards? The end screen is a framework that is dedicated to wrapping things up at the end of the video and highlights calls to action.

Cards are pop-up tools that emerge on the screen from time to time in the video. These cards can be used to direct people to other videos or playlists. To add these two features, you have to click on ‘Video Manager’ and then click on ‘Videos’. Find the video to which you wish to add the end screen or card and click on ‘Edit’. You can add the features once you are on the video editor page. 

  1. Add watermark to your videos

Watermarks are an easy way to increase views on Youtube and to gain subscribers to your channel. A watermark is an image or brand photo that can be imprinted in the videos before uploading them. When viewers move the mouse around the watermark, a prompt comes up asking them to subscribe. This is a how to increase views on Youtube video hack

  1. Remember to enable the embedding option in the video

The embedding option is what allows your viewers to share your video on their blogs and websites. Without this option, your hard work will not be able to reach a wider audience. Allowing your viewers to embed your videos to their websites is a great way to gain popularity and make your videos known to more people. You can enable the option by following a few very simple steps in the settings. 

  1. Promote your videos on other social media platforms

Social media marketing services is growing and more people are becoming a part of this virtual community. Sharing your YouTube videos on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. can be immensely beneficial to increase views on Youtube. You can do this in many innovative ways. For example, instead of sharing the main video directly, you can make a short teaser video beforehand and release it before uploading the main one. This creates suspense and is able to garner more views overall. 

  1. The role of ‘watch time’

This is where we start talking about another important aspect of Youtube or any other social media platform and that is the algorithm. In the case of Youtube, it works with a search and discovery system that determines which videos are shown on the homepage, as suggested videos, in search results, under the subscriptions tab, and through the notifications that viewers have created. 

This complex algorithm of Youtube depends a great deal on viewers’ watch time. Every video that is uploaded is ranked according to the total watch time it receives. Trying to increase the watch time can be a great hack on how to increase views on Youtube

  1. Nurture a community

It is important for content creators to realize that Youtube is a place for social networking. Much like other social networking websites, you have to engage your audience to increase views on Youtube. The simplest way to do this is by responding to comments regularly, putting up videos on topics suggested by viewers, dealing with problems and feedback actively. In short, nurture a community and build a virtual family that will eventually help your channel grow. 

  1. Optimize your video titles

The last tip that we have for you on how to increase views on Youtube videos is to optimize your video titles. SEO or search engine optimization becomes important here. Try to use keywords as titles to ensure maximum engagement. 


Youtube is a great platform that, if used in the right way, can bring immense success for an individual, small or large business. This article has briefly guided you on how to increase views on Youtube in some easy ways. There are many more ways to do it and people are coming up with innovative methods all the time. Let your creative energy flow and you will surely be able to come up with a plan for your Youtube channel.