How to Integrate a Payment Gateway in your Ecommerce

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Oct 20, 2021

Whether you manage an eCommerce platform or simply maintain an online presence, you want to provide a secure, rapid, and easy-to-use payment structure to your customers. The payment method you choose must meet the needs of both your customers and your company. As a result, it must be reliable, accept several payment methods, be simple to use, and work with your plan.

A payment gateway integration allows a trader to accept electronic payments and process credit or debit cards. The currencies you can accept, the transaction cost, how quickly money arrives in your merchant account, and the payment options you'll offer are all determined by the payment gateway you choose. This article will look forward to learning what payment gateway is, how it works, and the best eCommerce payment gateway integration.

What is the Ecommerce Payment Gateway?

An Ecommerce payment gateway is a section of software or a service that processes credit cards and other payments for eCommerce retailers and businesses in the same way that a POS system does for a physical store. It must encrypt payment information to safeguard credit cards and other payment instruments and ensure that the merchant-customer transaction is successful.

While the principle is straightforward, several of the procedures are challenging. The payment processing software, for example, must be able to send transaction information to the sound source for approval and then relay the feedback to the store. This is how the store determines whether or not the transaction is approved.

How to integrate Payment Gateway in Website?

A website payment gateway integration is a virtual link that connects a customer to an online store or business. It's the final stage of the selling procedure. For security concerns, payment gateways encrypt the data they send. Some businesses look for fraud and then tack on a levy. Individually, payment gateways perform the following tasks:

  1. Customers submit their payment card information and click "pay now" or something similar when placing a purchase.

  2. For security purposes, the credit card information is encrypted by the customer's web browser using a secure socket layer (SSL).

  3. The merchant delivers the information to the payment gateway using SSL.

  4. The payment gateway sends the information to the appropriate payment processor.

  5. The payment processor sends the details to the appropriate credit card association.

  6. The credit card association evaluates the request and issues a response to the payment processor.

  7. The response is dispatch to the payment gateway by the payment processor.

  8. Through the payment channel, the response is delivered to both the customer and the business. At this stage, both the consumer and the merchant know whether the transaction was approved.

  9. At a later date, the merchant transmits all approvals to the credit card provider in batch form.

  10. The credit card company sends all accepted credit card transactions to the retailer.

Why need to Integrate Payment Gateway?

If you already have a website that accepts online payments or plan to do so in the future, you'll need a payment gateway. One reason for this is that payment gateways currently handle all online credit card transactions. There are no other suitable options. As a result, you'll need one for your clients' orders to be approved and you to get paid. You'll also require one if you want to accept payments with your phone.

Popular Payment Gateways

You want to know what is the best Ecommerce payment gateway.There are various Ecommerce Payment Gateway given below-

  1. Stripe

Stripe is a custom-payment solution for online retailers. Stripe accepts all primary payment methods, including Apple Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, Android Pay, and mobile payment providers such as Apple Pay, WeChat Pay, Alipay, and Android Pay.

With its extensive documentation, international support, and monitoring system, the service is ready to go. With 135 accepted currencies and integrating with other third-party platforms, it provides a more straightforward PCI compliance approach.

  1.  PayPal

PayPal is one of the most widely utilized electronic payment systems in the world. PayPal offers solutions for businesses of all sizes. All vital credit and debit cards, PayPal payments, and a range of additional payment options are accepted through PayPal's gateway. Its services include PayPal Payments Pro, PayPal Express Checkout, and Braintree, to name a few. This is the best Ecommerce payment gateway integration.

PayPal is widely utilized as a hosted payment option. Upgrade to PayPal Payments Pro if you want an integrated checkout right on your website. The easiest way is to use PayPal Express Checkout, which simply adds a PayPal button to your website. Although Braintree is a separate payment solution, it is part of the PayPal family. The biggest benefit of using Braintree is that it does not charge an extra fee for international transactions.

  1. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a service that permits you to pay. Amazon Pay is an eCommerce behemoth with a platform tailored to online merchants. Amazon Pay is incorporated via API, resulting in a partially integrated payment solution. It's compatible with a variety of devices, with a focus on mobile. The Amazon service also accepts all major credit cards and payment methods. This is the website gateway payment integration.


Small and medium-sized enterprises will benefit from In addition, their service accepts all primary payment methods, including PayPal and Apple Pay.'s Advanced Fraud Detection Suite protects users from fraudulent transactions. They can also be used in conjunction with mobile applications.

  1. 2Checkout

2Checkout offers a variety of configurable choices as well as integrated payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Its most significant benefit is its scalability, with packages for various product categories. All primary payment methods, 87 currencies, and 15 language localizations are supported with 2Checkout. Payment Gateway integration in website is very easy.

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