How to build NFT gaming platform like zed run

Article about How to build NFT gaming platform like zed run

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Oct 7, 2021

Zed run clone script is a custom-made script with 100% unique bug-free source code.multi-tested to launch NFT digital horse racing platform like zed run. 

Osiz as a leading  the NFT Marketplace development company offer zed run clone script.It allows users to do breeding,buying and selling digital horse using Non-fungible token-NFT.

The  Zed run clone software  a blockchain-powered NFT game virtual horse gaming platform.

Functionalities of Zed Run Clone Platform 


A marketplace is a place that allows users to purchases the digital horse and continue to the transaction process.


It is this process to create a modern  horse  through breeding to increase performance level of horses to win races.


In above section you well known  above the  breeding now your horses ready for racing.


The attribute consists of the data of availability  and rarity of horses.

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