How to build backlinks for a new website

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May 19, 2021

Practically every business has a website along with various pages on popular social media platforms. Around 10 years ago, online representation was not that important, but nowadays it is essential. A company website provides great chances to increase brand awareness and profitability.

Newly established companies that come into a market are usually called start-ups. Their owners know the power and potential of the corporate websites. Thus, they also tend to create a website when the company begins its operations.

It is obvious that bringing a new website to the top of the search results page would be effort-consuming. However, it would become much easier when learning the specifics of search engines and what they pay attention to when ranking website pages.

Things to consider when creating a new website

Even though there are millions of pages now on the web, each website is unique. When creating a website, always keep in mind that it should contain all the necessary information for the consumers and stakeholders. It should reflect the products or services of your company, a general description of the business, contact information, and other sections that you consider relevant.

The design of the website plays an important role as well. Choose appealing colors which would correlate with the brand, make an appropriate layout of pages, select the appropriate text font. Also, adhering to the rule of responsive design is crucial as many people switch to mobile and tablets recently.

SEO strategies for new websites

Several years ago the algorithms of search engines and systems were rather simple. They tend to evolve each year for the sake of improving the quality of search results provided. Subsequently, search engines pay attention to a range of various factors when ranking a website.

To apply the most effective strategy that would be efficient particularly for your website, do not be hesitant to consult the professionals. For example, on the website, you will find useful tips for content creation and link building. There are also recommendations regarding the things to avoid in search engine optimization for a newly created website.

Google and other search systems rank websites based on a number of factors. The quality of content, keyword research, user-friendly design are the main components of the on-page SEO. It is relatively easy to have control over those. Though off-page SEO is less flexible, the link building activity is where you can have some control over and influence the ranking of the website.

Backlinks to a new website

Nowadays, Google and other search engines value backlinks. The more websites are linking to your business web pages, the more credible your website is considered to be. It is like a word of mouth in real life: the more people are talking about your products or services positively, the better reputation you have.

Gaining backlinks for a newly created website is often not that easy, especially when the company is not well known in the market. There several recommendations on how you may gain backlinks and subsequently enhance the ranking of your website on the search engine results pages.

Gaining backlinks

The first thing to do for gaining backlinks is to contact other companies. Do not be afraid to do that even though your first several requests might be ignored or declined.

Make sure that you are reaching out to businesses with a clear and concise pitch. Also, think of how your business activity might be useful and interesting for the companies you are contacting.

It is also important to cooperate with the companies in your industry of operation. That way you will get relevant backlinks that would positively influence your website ranking.

Creating a free tool

At first, this solution seems not very cost-effective but it will certainly pay off in the future. Creating a tool that would be useful for others and free of charge at the same time is something that would likely attract attention. As a result, many websites would likely link to your web page with that free tool or service.

Ensuring the quality of content

While proper keyword research is crucial, the quality of content is not less important. When the text is written in a natural manner and supported by a fair amount of images, people would find it easy to read.

Along with the readability, the essence of information provided might be of value to users. For example, if your blog article contains some unique information that is not easy to find anywhere else, it will be interesting and likely to be linked to.

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