How to choose a Segway for an adult and a child

Article about How to choose a Segway for an adult and a child

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Aug 17, 2021

For many years on the market, Segway’s are no longer considered an exotic toy at a high price. Residents of large and small cities use them as actively as a means of transportation that seaways can easily claim the title of comfortable transport for every day.

A stable platform, large wheels, balance and sufficient speed - the advantages of this type of electric transport are many. hoverkart All you have to do is choose a model that suits you according to all the criteria. Lets try to figure out what to start from when buying the hero of our article.

Segway selection for an adult

When buying a Segway for an adult, you should pay attention to the following points:

·        Power. The power and carrying capacity of your transport depends on this indicator. If you need a device for city trips, then 700-800 W models will suffice. Segway’s with power from 1000 W are designed for more complex tasks.

·        Carrying capacity. The Segway must be suitable for the load you need. Usually the optimal figure is 100-130 kg. However, there are some exceptions.

·        Wheel diameter. If your route lies exclusively on level asphalt, then 10-inch wheels will suffice. For surfaces with slight irregularities, which include, for example, paving slabs, it is better to purchase models with 14-inch wheels. For paving stones and large irregularities, choose a Segway with 19”wheels. segway kart

·        Seat. Having a seat will make long journeys more comfortable. Also, this criterion is important to consider when choosing a device for an elderly person. But for trips of less than 20 minutes, as well as on off-road models, a seat is not necessary.

·        Appointment. All devices can be divided into off-road and those that are designed to move around the city. The former are good for walking in parks and on forest paths, while the latter are designed for walking on flat surfaces - asphalt sidewalks.

Choosing a Segway for a child

Childrens transport must meet all safety requirements, so it is better to immediately give preference to proven brands. It is also worth focusing on such technical parameters as speed, weight of equipment, and distance per battery charge. Otherwise, it is better to choose a Segway for a child in accordance with the age of the baby, his height and weight:

·        Segway’s with small wheels up to 10 inches are recommended for children under 8 years old. Such models are not capable of developing high speed and are the safest. The child is just beginning to master electric transport. Therefore, the slower the Segway travels, the better.

·        If the child is already 10 years old, then the purchase of teenage and adult models is allowed. However, it is better to buy a Segway with the option to limit the maximum speed. hoverboard and kart bundle uk

·        Teenagers 14-15 years old can already be entrusted with an adult Segway. At this age, the child is already able to manage the device well.

Additional criteria for choosing a Segway

·        Travel speed. Most models reach speeds in the region of 15-18 km / h, and the most powerful ones - up to 20 km / h.

·        Weight. Small Segway’s weigh about 12 kg, while larger powerful variants weigh 16-17 kg. The lighter the product, the easier it is to transport.

·        Power reserve. This indicator is calculated from the distance in km that can be driven on a single battery charge.

·        Dust and dirt protection. Its good if the devices rating is not lower than IP54. This indicates that moisture and dirt will not enter the cabinet. Thus, you can use the Segway for walking even in wet or cold weather.

·        On-board computer. Should display distance, remaining battery charge, travel speed.

Do not forget to carefully inspect the selected model of equipment before purchasing, make sure that the structure is stable and reliable. If you have any doubts about the originality of the product, ask the supplier for quality certificates. Also check with the seller for engine power and battery capacity. Ideal if it is possible to test drive the Segway before purchasing. hover cart

In addition to the parameters listed above, pay attention to the manufacturer and choose a reliable supplier. Well-known brands use modern materials and advanced technologies in their production. When choosing a Segway, it is better not to save money, but to buy high-quality equipment that will serve you for many years.



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