How to close a Cash App Account

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Oct 7, 2021


If you are out with your family or friends often, it is possible that you would like to split the cost. The Cash App makes it easy by allowing you to divide the cost equally between your friends or acquaintances and then make payments to each one. Sometimes, however, there are reasons why you may want to closed your account. We'll discuss the steps to close the Cash App account. Before you erase the Cash App account, you'll have to ensure that you deposit all the money you have in an account at your bank.


If you log into the Cash App account, you will access the main homepage that will allow you to request or send cash from individuals. At the bottom of the page on the left side, you'll see the home icon. Hit it, and you'll be taken to the Cash App home page, where you will find there the "cash-out" icon. After pressing that button, all of your money will be immediately transferred to the bank account linked.


Steps to delete your Cash App account:


After you have transferred all of the funds into your bank account and have taken out the Cash App balance, you can close your Cash Account. 


Then, in the same screen, where you clicked "cash-out" at the top, click on the "cash-out" button on the top of the screen, click the "profile" "profile" symbol. A variety of options will pop up, and you can click on "support" from the menu "support" button.

  • If you click"support" or click on the "support" link, you will be presented with an array of common assistance items. On the bottom, there is an option marked "something other." If you click that, you'll be presented with an additional list of options for accounts. 
  • In that list, there is an option titled "account setting." If you click that, you'll go to the page for account settings.
  • When you are on the page for account preferences, you can erase the cash App account by clicking "close account" and then selecting "close my Cash App account."
  •  After you have done that the process, will redirect you to another page that will explain exactly what it takes to shut down your account. Take a look and ensure you are aware of all the details. Once you're done, click the "confirm closing your account" button on the right.
  • After this, your account will be removed, and your $Cashtag will be unenforceable. Also, if someone decides to transfer this username any money going into the future, you will be notified of an error.