How to create a multi services app like Yandex Go

Article about How to create a multi services app like Yandex Go

Aug 28, 2021

Around the world, the on-demand economy has been revolutionizing the behavior of consumers. Superfast deliveries, cashless payments, and a range of other convenient options are drawing people’s attention. From the title, you can promptly infer that the content is about developing a multi-services app just like Yandex Go.

Yandex Go - A Russian multinational company

There are so many things to idolize from Yandex Go. Firstly, this company is a pioneer in ride-hailing and other on-demand services. Founded in 2011, this Russian-based company is often labeled as “Russia’s Google.” If you are wondering why Yandex Go is termed so, here is a brief about it.

Yandex Go is a super app from which users can seek any online service. Whether they need a chatting app or groceries or munchies, they can get them from Yandex Go. As of now, this app has been operating in 1000 cities across different nations. Meal delivery, ride-hailing, grocery delivery, etc., are available in this app.

A super like Yandex Go can be fascinating for users since it flaunts a collection of services. 

How to instantly commence your multi-services business?

Rely on the ready-made Yandex Go clone entirely for your multi-services business. Providing a bundle of services is challenging at times. You must evaluate the app on a frequent basis in order to ensure smooth functioning. But if you employ a high-grade app like Yandex Go clone, you don’t have to bother about the functionality. This app ensures flawless functioning throughout. Get to know the entire stages of multi-services app development using the pre-scripted clone app.

  • Analyzing the requirements with business analysts to know the core idea.

  • Viewing the demo of the pre-scripted app.

  • Suggesting customizations if required.

  • And finally, launching the pre-scripted app that is customized.

I hope the above-discussed clone script development will be highly purposeful.