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Aug 10, 2021

In my experience, the best way to increase reach organically, without paying for advertising / “boosted” posts, is to create a community around what you do. The bad news: This is a lot of hard and time consuming work. And, even then, will only get you so far compared to what was possible a decade ago.

This video from YouTuber Veratasium (although a bit outdated now) does a good job of explaining Facebook’s business model, and how - ever since Facebook changed it’s algorithms for prioritizing what is shown in news feeds - you pretty much need to invest for your Facebook page to have significant reach:

In my opinion, the golden era of being able to get Facebook page traction based on the quality of the content alone is over. Becoming the next “Humans of New York” is much more difficult today than it was for Brandon Stanton back in 2010. It may even be technically impossible.

However, with some direct outreach and community building using Facebook groups, you can significantly increase organic engagement on your page, and more importantly, engage your audience in a way that builds trust for your brand and ultimately drives sales.

Step 1: Decide on a content strategy so that you can consistently create content that is of value to your audience. (Check out Neil Patel’s advice for developing a voice in a new content niche, which is true for Facebook content or any other platform you’re publishing on). You’ll probably want to be publishing this on a blog or web site in addition to your Facebook page.

Step 2: Revamp your Facebook page description to be in line with that strategy, and start posting regular relevant content there.

Step 3: Create a Facebook group and link it to your Facebook page.

Step 4: Cultivate the Facebook group. At the beginning, you will need to do some direct outreach to the kinds of people you want to be part of your community. The key to a successful Facebook group is that others share their perspectives. It should be more about them then about you. Do not promote your company in the group at this stage. The first 200 people or so you will need to personally convince to join and encourage them to post in the group. Once these first 200 people are active in the group; Facebook will start recommending your group to others with relevant interests and the group will grow essentially on its own.

Step 5: Once there is a good conversation going in the group, you can start sharing some of the valuable content from your page in the group. It’s best if you do this in response to other people’s posts; rather than creating posts where your content is the focus. If the content is relevant to them, this will organically lead people to follow your page and engaging with your content. If done well, this can be extremely powerful.

Keep in mind: You should also share your Facebook page content in groups that are not run by you. However, you have to be even more careful to make sure the content is directly relevant, otherwise you risk admins banning you from their groups. The best way to do this, again, is replying to questions people ask in groups and sharing content in your replies that is directly relevant to the questions they are asking. Creating a new post with a link to content and saying “I thought you might find this interesting” is generally not the best approach; and should be done very sparingly only when you truly believe that piece of content is broadly relevant to all members of the group.

Step 6: If your brand is international and you have the resources, you may consider replicating this strategy in local markets. For several years now, Facebook allows you to create local pages for different geographic markets. Local brand Facebook pages are said to register 60% higher engagement than global pages. An effective international Facebook strategy requires localizing the content into different languages, and creating unique content for each market. The more tailored your content is to your target audience, the more value you’ll be generating for that particular group, which leads to more engagement.

Happy community building!

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