How to repair a garage door: Tips and Guidelines.

Article about How to repair a garage door: Tips and Guidelines.

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Jul 27, 2021

A garage door is a vital part of your home. It is protecting you and your belongings from intruders. Once installed, it lasts for years but as you are using it every day, multiple times in a day, the wear and tear in it is obvious. It has two basic components, the door itself and its opener. These parts need special examination. Garage door repair is costly but it can be done by yourself. Correct assessment of issues leads to quick and effective repair. You may have to replace some of its parts.


In the first step, examine the metal tracks and the fixing brackets which attach the door with the wall. Make sure that the fixing brackets are tightly holding the door. Otherwise, tighten the nuts and bolts of these brackets. It is definite that you are working with a closed garage door, so check the tracks if they have any breakage or dent on them. The spots can be fixed by hammers but the breakage cannot be repaired and you need to replace it.


It is necessary to check the alignment of tracks. All tracks must be in the same position and straightly aligned. There are two kinds of tracks:

·         Vertical tracks

·         Horizontal tracks

Plumb vertical tracks accurately and horizontal tracks are placed in a slant position with the garage back. If they are not well-positioned, lose the nuts and bolts from the mounting brackets and carefully place the tracks back in their position. After confirming the accurate direction, fix the nuts and bolts again


Your garage door can give immense noise if dirt and debris have made a layer on it. Take a concentrated cleanser and remove the dirt from rollers. Analyze if grease is hardened on it. Remove it generously by using cleaners.


Examine the loose hardware and tighten it as soon as possible. Tighten the loose hinges and plates in roll-up doors and swing-up doors respectively. Replace the hinges if they are in bad condition. If your door is sagging from one side, its hinges need a service. If the wood with your hinge is damaged, you can use wood filler to repair it. Fill the wood and let it dry. If the screw hole is enlarged, fix another screw that covers the hole and use the carpenter’s glue with it.


Repairing a roll-up door is not everyone’s cup of tea. There can be only one spring in this door and most of the time, this door needs spring replacement. If you try to repair it single-handedly, it is a possibility that the torsion injures you badly. Prefer professional services.


An error indoor opener is also a common issue of a garage door. It can be repaired by using simple techniques which come with the unit. You just have to follow the right instructions. The garage door opener has a reversible motor attached with a carriage which is further attached with a drawbar. The drawbar is responsible for the opening and closing of a door. All these parts are either repaired if worn out or replaced.


Weather seal can be broken by rodents or general wear and tear. It can result in water leakage. If this weather seal is broken and you have a wooden door, water will seep through it, weakening it. This water leakage can rust a metallic door.


Some modern doors are automatic and remote-controlled. In case of a dysfunctional door, check the remote first. There may be an issue will your remote having a weak battery. Other than that, there can be power shortages or wiring issues. Check your wiring.


Hence, garage door repair needs some technical skills and attentiveness. After following the given steps. You will easily sort out the problems with your garage door and make it functional. If not, then call a professional.

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