How to start a cryptocurrency exchange similar to kucoin

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Nov 6, 2021

What is kucoin exchange?

Cryptocurrency trading is becoming more popular each day that passes. Many exchanges have been launched to the market in recent years we are going to talk about the kucoin exchange which is known as people’s exchange, here. The kucoin exchange developer's goal was to provide users with a safe and trustworthy method of exchanging their currencies on a state of the platform. This exchange website has never faced any major problems and also does not suffer from any system overloads. Kucoin has gained the attention of many investors and startups by seeing this popularity many startups and entrepreneurs show interest in developing an exchange website like kucoin. KuCoin wallet is protected by multilayer encryption and offline storage. Kucoin supports more than 400 cryptocurrencies and has more than 340 different trading pairs available. Kucoin Signup and registration is a simple process. The registration starts with entering the required info like the email and the chosen password after that you will receive a verification email with the complete guide. To improve the safety of your Kucoin account you can set up a Google authenticator. This method is so safe because in case any hacker could find your password they still can’t log in to your account.

What are kucoin advantages?

•Very low deposit, withdrawal, and trading fees

•Autonomous trading can be done without verification

•Easy to use for beginners.

•Supports multiple coins and the newly released cryptocurrencies

• High-security features

•Possibility for anonymous trading

What is kucoin clone script?

Kucoin clone script is a pre-designed cryptocurrency exchange clone script that covers all the current trading functions and plug-ins of the Kucoin. By using the kucoin clone software you can create and deploy a fully-featured crypto exchange like kucoin in a matter of days. The Kucoin clone script is chosen by many because of its high customization feature. Talking about customization, the Kucoin clone script can be customized in every detail such as adding some extra features, changing the front-end design add, or removing some add-ons.

Kucoin clone script features:

API integration

Wallet integration

Customer service

Fast transaction process

Order book system

Margin trading

Crypto wallet integration

Referral program

Admin dashboard

User dashboard

Site API

Multi-lingual support

Matching engine

Trading bot

KYC/AML solutions

Price tracker

Benefits of using Kucoin clone script

1. It is cost-effective and saves a lot of time and energy

2. The user can have a fast and instant transaction on the platform

3. There is a possibility to set a transaction fee for your users for trade, withdrawal, and deposit.

4. Quick deployment and faster branding

5. High scalability

6. High scope customization

The security features of Kucoin clone script

•HTTPS authenticationJail login

•Data encryption

•Two-factor authentication

•Anti-denial of service

•Email verification

Kucoin clone app

The kucoin clone app development is the process of developing software for mobile phones which has all the features and can do all the functions that are available in the kucoin app and its website.Mobile phone users are growing up every day and also the number of people who download the exchange app is rising, it shows that traders and investors use the app to do different crypto actions. So as a new business thinking of developing a mobile app for your exchange website is a great idea to enhance the improvement of your business. The mobile clone app holds all the main functions of the original app but it is completely customizable so you can add the desired feature based on your business type moreover you can change the design and the front-d of the platform. One of the benefits of kucoin clone app development is that it doesn’t need all the time and energy also it needs less money compared to developing an application from scratch.

Features of clone app development

1. User profile

2. Admin dashboard

3. Main page

4. Crypto widgets

5. Pop up notifications

6. Support Ticketing system

7. Geolocating

8. Event Reminder

9. Face recognition

10. Fingerprint unlocking

11. Two-factor authentication

12. supports major languages in the world

13. Different themes for users

14. Deposit and withdraw history1

5. Multiple wallet support

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