Importance of effective content on the website.

Article about Importance of effective content on the website.

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Jul 27, 2021

Importance of Good Content in Web Design

In the case of website content. It is right that,” First impression is the last impression.” It may be harsh but true. In this time of abundance of internet material people are have so decreased focus-span on anything than before, You only have 5 seconds to make a long-lasting impression that is why you need to have something to say which grabs the attention of the user & keep them hooked with the website, that is the reason why Good content becomes the priority of the website.

Thecombination of good content and stunning visuals draws in more traffic to your website making it a hit.

But in reality, what is a really good content? Good content is when it keeps the reader engaged with confidence and authenticity.

How to measure good content?


While the organic search traffic is one way to measure the effectiveness of your content, it is not the only way. The main KPIs of good content are:

  • Bounce Rate: A metric that measures the number of visitors that leave the website without browsing. A high bounce rate means that your content is not engaging enough for the viewers and has missed the mark. Or maybe that it just about answers the visitor’s query but gives no reason for them to revisit the website.
  • Time per Session: This measures the duration a visitor spends on the website. The longer visitors spend on your website, the more time they engage with the content. But you may also want to consider that a long session may also indicate confusion - as in the visitor is looking for an answer on your website but does not know where to look.

However, number are numbers. They are not everything. You will still need the human touch to tweak the content on your website – look at the content from all angles possible, and subjectively. Basically, content can be fitted in two main categories:

·      Informative Content: This is content that informs the viewer by answering the questions, describing a service or event or a service, or by establishing a need.


  • Content that Solves: This is content that identifies a problem and proposes alternatives to fix it.

Good content lies in either of the above categories. Anything other than that is a big no-no as it lies in the third category – Flattering Content. This is content that is filled with adjectives, has a lot of words but says nothing and concentrates only on the business value without connecting with the audience.


Good content helps build relationships:

We all know that a website is the best way for any brand or a company to have a successful transaction. And that transactions are not just financial transactions. Sale isn’t only financial it can be your ideas, your existence.

Keeping up the content appeal

Another aspect of content you must take care of is when including logistics to your content. Useful as they may be, they are likely to steal the appeal from your content. Don’t mix up the compelling the content with boring and out-of-context details. Put them away in a different web page, in the form of FAQs.

 Accepting and reviewing your website based on audience feedback boosts up customer confidence in you.

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