Interesting Facts About Opensea

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Alice Jenifferze activities: Digital Marketer

Nov 1, 2021

Opensea is the largest NFT Marketplace built on the EThereum Blockchain which stands straight as the largest NFT Marketplace where one can buy domains, digital collectibles as NFTs. The added advantage with opensea is low cost and large varities of NFTS 

Let's dive into the interesting facts about opensea 

There are nearly 4 Million Non Fungible Tokens are listed on this platform

 The Daily average trade volume of Opensea is 300 Million 

The most expensive in the crypto industry, Beeple NFT is listed in opensea and sold for 69 million 

The NFTs are labelled as ETH and DAI, It lets users to buy/sell nfts with this Cryptocurrencies 

Openesea does not holds the assets of users instead it is connected with the user wallet 

Thus Opensea, Inspires many out there to print their feet in the NFT market. Many business minders of this era spotted out that the NFT business would rule the entire market. If you are looking to start your own NFT Marketplace, yet technical assistance and development cost is your barrier,try NFT Marketplace Clone Script, With Opensea Clone Script, any business can kick start their own NFT Marketplace. 

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