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Apr 21, 2019


Cleantech and related business models represent a new technology offering competitive returns for investors and customers while providing sustainable solutions to global challenges. Where greentech, or envirotech, represents the highly regulatory driven, "end-of-pipe" technology of the past with limited opportunity for attractive returns, cleantech is driven by market economics, therefore, offering greater financial upside and sustainability

The concept of cleantech encompasses a diverse range of products, services, and processes across industry verticals that are inherently designed to:

•    Provide superior performance with lower costs.
•    Greatly reduce or eliminate the negative ecological impact.
•    Improve the productive and responsible use of natural resources.

Yet, VCs largely continue to shun the cleantech industry. According to estimates by researchers at MIT, half of the $25 billion venture capital VCs had poured into green startups beginning in 2006 was wiped out in 2011 when the industry’s bubble burst. 
During those six bubble years, venture firms invested $8.33 for every $1 they had put into cleantech during the previous 11 years, according to MIT and Bloomberg data.
But according to the Brookings Institution, roughly 80 percent of venture investment in renewable tech since 2009 has gone into later-stage companies that were near profitability.

Opportunities in early-stage cleantech “have changed significantly and favorably in recent years to offer the potential for greater risk-adjusted returns in the sector than ever before,” says a November 2017 report from Ceres, a sustainability nonprofit. 
“Rather than new technologies needing to be developed from scratch, they can (now) be developed by combining or extending existing technologies, which can be accomplished in a shorter time frame and with less risk,” the Ceres report says.

With little competition now for deals, VCs’ money can now acquire bigger pieces of early-stage cleantech firms, improving the odds of large paydays when they cash in their chips three to five years down the road, experts say.

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Silent-Power AG is the first electricity solutions supplier offering a local alternative to electricity from large-scale centralized power plants. Our patented, innovative methanol conversion technology can provide thousands of mass-manufactured mini power and heat generating units. Silent-Power Ltd’s technology enables the conversion of electricity from renewable sources of energy into synthetic methanol and from methanol back into electricity using thermo-photovoltaic conversion (TPV) instead of combustion motors/generators. Synthetic methanol, M99, can substitute heating oil, can be stored and distributed to our operators of mobile and stationary electricity generator. The innovative TPV conversion-based electricity generators can be scaled up from basic 100W modules into Econimo power plants of up to 100kW size. These TPV-based mini power plants operate silently, which is reflected in the company name “Silent-Power”.

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