Is There Any Chance For NFT in Real Estate

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Sep 28, 2021

NFTs and Real Estate - The Merge of Two Different worlds

It's like gluing the two different worlds. At first, it seems like a peculiar combination but very soon it hits massive success! It's important to understand that Real estate NFT is applicable for both virtual and real-world assets. absolutely applicable for two scenarios, One can Tokenize the real-world house with the help of a digital artist as an NFT and the one who bought that NFT can get the complete ownership of the house. Platforms like Decentraland promote virtual land, house, the user can decorate the virtual house and can build a new house in the virtual land. When it comes to real-world assets, the owner can create a token that shares the ownership. 

Another raising question  is, How NFTs Could Change the Real Estate Industry?.  This is so simple, NFTs are created for claiming digital ownership and transfer of ownership of any assets, and this can be highly applicable for real estate assets. 

How NFTs can Change The Real Estate Industry ?

Fractional Property Ownership - Owners can sell a portion of assets to a large number of investors through NFTs.
Transfer of Ownership on Assets Without middelman - Blockchain reduces the risks in transferring the control over a party to another just through NFTs.
NFT Real Estate Can be a virtual game - In which people can communicate, go for events, shop, earn, buy and sell their properties
NFT Real Estate Can be a Mortgage - By tokenizing the assets it is easy to lend and borrow in terms of NFTs.
NFT Real Estate Marketplace
NFT Real Estate Marketplace - It is an online platform for real estate where investors and agents can collaborate with each other to buy and sell their virtual assets.

An NFT Real Estate Marketplace Would have The Following Elements

Virtual Houses/ Lands/ Buildings.
Virtual Cities/States/Countries/Region.
Virtual Grounds,
Lands and Maps.
Decentraland Properties.

NFT Real Estate Marketplace Development Company - Bitdeal

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