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Aug 25, 2021

The eBook Free Downloading Debate has been rekindled after the RIAA cracked down on file-sharing sites that allowed users to download free eBooks. The debate went on for a while, but things heated up with the release of the iPhone and its jailbreak capability. iPhones are now able to read PDF files, so this was a huge boon for eBook publishers. 

However, Apple removed the ability to download eBooks for free from most of their sites. This caused many to go back to their old ways of downloading free books, and some even took matters into their own hands and started creating their own eBook publishing business.

So, is it illegal to download eBooks for free? Well, if youre going to be downloading a free eBook, you might as well do it the legal way. You should never pirate or break copyright laws, and you definitely shouldnt download free material from any eBook site that may come from a torrent. However, there are still some ways to get around these legal issues.


Some eBook publishers have decided to turn their books into an online "app," which you can download for free. If this is something youre interested in doing, youll need to find an eBook publisher. Just remember, when you use one of these "app" programs to download your eBooks, you are still guilty of piracy, and you will be held accountable for the pirating activity of others.

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