JCT Participated in Pitcher Perfect to Offer a Seamless Auction Market

Article about JCT Participated in Pitcher Perfect to Offer a Seamless Auction Market

Feb 28, 2019

There’s a lot that a culturally evolved and historically rich country like Japan can offer to its tourists. However, there exist several barriers like lack of information or language discrepancy which don’t allow people to have easy access to such content. Japan Content Token is (JCT) is making it all possible by offering a platform that’s powered by blockchain.

With a vision to offer a unique ticket distribution platform, JCT allows people to have complete access to the rich yet somewhat hidden content of Japan. It offers a scalable business model by creating an auction market where people can issue tickets or ownership certificates for content and experiences that must not be missed when one travels to Japan.

“Being from Japan, I have always observed a gap between how much the country has to offer and what tourists take home after they leave post their vacations,” shared Hirofumi Mizuyama, the founder of Japan Content Token. “We really want to offer the best of content, events, and experiences to anyone who visits us, and later on expand to rest of Asia,” he further added.

To channelize its vision in the right direction, JCT recently attended Pitcher Perfect by UCIM in Singapore on 15th February 2019. Pitcher Perfect is a platform that empowers promising projects to connect and network with investors from diverse industrial backgrounds.

The pitch that JCT shared on the Pitcher Perfect stage was identified as “a great source of knowledge and information about the Japanese culture and economy.” Further, the chief executives of the project interacted with several prominent investors via private meetings that were set up to network and learn.

Investment funds including TechStars, Golden Gate Ventures, Vickers Venture, Bravia Capital, and Rakuten Capital joined Pitcher Perfect and empowered projects like JCT to take one step closer to their objective. Apart from being the jury for project pitching, investors and professionals from these organizations also shared their valuable suggestions during one-on-one meetings with projects.

After the success in Singapore, Pitcher Perfect is now going to Berlin on 24th April 2018. It is all set to leverage Berlin’s ICO friendly regulatory framework, active crypto community, and an established investor network.