Jobs That The Pandemic Cannot Get Rid Of

Article about Jobs That The Pandemic Cannot Get Rid Of

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Jul 1, 2021

Covid has forced unicorn companies to lay off employees and rethink brand strategies. Companies had to lay off significant portions of their workforce to keep from going under. There are some positions in demand across the economy despite the number of people losing their jobs.

Web designers, data analysts, and essential workers are vital to a companys success, especially during the pandemic. These positions help companies capitalize on the small number of customers that are still able to make purchases. 

Web Designers Are Important to Attract and Keep Customers

As we spend more time online, companies need web designers to ensure their websites invite customers, not repel them. Poor website design prevents people from following through with purchases. Web designers and user design researchers monitor how people use websites and apps to determine user behavior. 

Web designers are important to big and small companies. People judge companies by the quality of their websites and quickly decide if they will leave the website or spend more time searching for other products. Impressions happen really quickly, barely a second, and any glaring issues will quickly cause potential customers to flee. 

Being a web designer isnt only for people with a keen eye for simple and usable design. Much of web design comes from developing simple ways to navigating a website. A web designer is a great position for people who notice others behavior or enjoy analyzing user performance data. 

Data Analyst Have Many Doors to Choose From

Companies want to squeeze every dollar out of their customers. Retail companies use data to determine what customers want or buy with their purchases. A typical example of this is the "buyers also bought" tab that appears nearly every time you purchase something. Data analysts determine similar purchases, and the subtle hint gives customers a chance to increase the amount of money they spend on websites. 

Software, schools, and marketing companies employ data analysts. Data analysis is one of the most common skills on job listings for the companies that are still hiring during the pandemic. The ability to sort and organize data isnt only useful for people in analytical roles. Teachers, salespeople, and managers can use data analysis tools to get the most out of their students, clients, and employees. These skills are helpful to anyone who wants to further their career. 

Dont Scoff At Jobs That Pay the Bills

In these hard times, its important to do whatever you can to provide for your family, which may mean taking a job you are overqualified for. Companies cant hire enough delivery drivers since everyone orders groceries, take-out, and essential items over the Internet. Chief among delivery companies is Amazon. They are hiring drivers, package handlers, and sorters in mass to accommodate the flux in online orders since the pandemic began in March. 

Amazon has hired over one million people in 2020 to keep up with demand. You can get hired in as little as a week. In unprecedented times like this, it can be hard to find a job. Working as a delivery driver or other essential worker can be a fruitful way to keep your community safe and encourage others to continue practicing safe Covid protocol while earning a much-needed paycheck.

Dont Have the Skills? Learn Them

Tech jobs are surviving the pandemic due to our reliance on technology to maintain a sense of normalcy. Fortunately, its becoming easier than ever to learn the skills necessary to get a tech job. Coding bootcamps are helping people learn coding skills in a matter of months. Many coding bootcamps know that people are struggling for the money to pay for school since many are out of work and offer deferred tuition that doesnt need to be paid back until you get a tech job. 

A job in tech is resistant to recessions and economic downturns. Staying agile and learning new skills will help you keep in-demand jobs and earn promotions. Some bootcamps offer self-paced learning, allowing you to learn at your own speed. This can be a great tool if you are currently employed but know your company might lay people off in the future. 


Finding work during the pandemic is a difficult process. There are thousands of people applying to a small number of jobs while companies are looking for applicants with data analysis and web design skills. Adding these skills to your resume can be easy through bootcamps or free online courses. 

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