Keybsolutions for flawless conferencing app with airmeet clone script

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Sep 3, 2021

Everything has shifted to online platforms, and one among them is the virtual meetings. Let it be anything related to educational purposes, business meetings, webinars, programs, and more can be conducted through the virtual platforms with video conferencing app like airmeet.

Online platforms are booming with video conferencing applications like Zoom, Google meet, Airmeet, Cisco, and many more. Every app falls under the premiere subscription category making the fastest revenue streams for the entrepreneurs. It is your ideal time to launch a video conferencing app with airemeet clone script right away. 

What is an airmeet clone? 

Airmeet clone is a ready-made solution offered by the app developers at an affordable price. The app developers also analyze the current state of technologies and feed your app with mandatory functionalities and exact coding scripts. This leads to the flawless video conferencing for the users in the upcoming. 

Let us look into the things that help your app to be a glitch-free video conferencing and also additional features for the users. 

Prime Features Of The Airmeet Clone Script 

Private/ Public video-conferencing - The host can create either a private or a public video-conferencing through your app. The users will have to use a password in order to join the meeting if it is a private meeting. Apart from this, in a public meeting, the meeting can hold more than 200 people in your app. In this way, you are creating privacy for your users. 

Webinars - The users can host a meeting for webinars on any topic that they require. The host can accommodate as many as members to the app. Through these webinars, the users can share their knowledge and ideas with fellow users in an efficient way. 

Virtual events - Like mentioned before, the app developers curate your video conferencing app to host virtual meetings like business conferences, online workshops, and many more. This is made possible by our airmeet clone script

Recurring meetings - Once if the users are disconnected from the meeting due to poor internet connectivity, they can join the meetings with the help of the recurring meetings. In addition to this, the user can also conduct the meeting with the same link for as many times as they want. 

Mute/ Unmute - When a user joins a meeting, they can mute their audio for no interruptions between the video conferencing. If they want to talk during the meeting, they can unmute themselves and interact with the host and the fellow users. 

Winding Up 

In brief, your work is more convenient when you hire an app developer for a robust video conferencing app with airmeet clone development.  The renowned app developing company TurnkeyTown gives you the fastest solutions for bug-free and flawless video conferencing apps.