Kick-Start your Online Classified Business with Letgo Clone

Article about Kick-Start your Online Classified Business with Letgo Clone

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Oct 11, 2021

Technological advancements have set a way to establish an online business. However, people only search on the internet to buy products. The online marketplace eases the process of buying and selling products. Letgo is the buy & sell app in which clothes, cars, electronics, and decorations can be sold and bought second-hand. 

The classified market has been growing in recent times and will continue to flourish in the upcoming years. Therefore, starting an online classified business is a profitable niche. Here’s a way to establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur in the online marketplace by launching an app like Letgo. Check out this blog!


What is Letgo Clone?

White-label Letgo Clone is a custom-built buy & sell app solution. It mimics the original version of Letgo in terms of features & functionality. As this is a ready-to-launch app, it will empower you to start an online classified business in no time. This benefits entrepreneurs in various ways. Predominantly, they will gain considerable revenue from the app.  

Key features to include in an app like Letgo

The features will indirectly influence the business’ success rate as it frames the app’s functionality more smoothly & seamlessly for the users. Here’s a list of the essential features you must never opt out of while developing an app like Letgo.

  • Explore products

  • Instant chat

  • Push alerts

  • Ratings & Reviews

  • Manage ad

  • Analytics

Besides the inclusion of basic features, think about incorporating advanced features upon analyzing the recent market trends. 

How to Monetize the Letgo Clone app?

Once you decide to launch the Letgo Clone app, you have to choose which monetization strategies to implement. Below are the standard ways you can generate revenue from buy & sell apps. 

Featured listings - Sellers who want to enhance their visibility can make use of the space to list their products. These will have appeared at the top of the list under a specific category. You can set a fixed percentage and charge them accordingly. 

Transactional revenue - You can levy a certain percentage upon finishing the payment transaction whenever the product is bought or sold. 

In-app advertising - Partner with third parties and provide them a space to promote their products/brands within your app. To do so, you can incur charges based on the time frame that has been set for the ad to run or clicks/views/impressions of the ad.

What to do next? Approach a tech partner

If you are sure about establishing an online classified business, it is time to approach a tech partner, specializing in developing the Letgo Clone app. At UberLikeApp, we offer you the best-of-class buy & sell app packed with cutting-edge features for seamless functionality and crafted using the latest technology.  

Summing up

Developing the buy & sell app is not tedious in the modern age. Utilize the Letgo Clone Script, a ready-to-go app solution, and start a business soon.